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DyaRikku is a female Italian Vtuber and Streamer. She has been on Twitch since 14 March 2020, but didn't make her 2D model debut until 27 November 2020. She is a UK-based glitch Vtuber who works as a freelance concept artist, illustrator, and 2D animator.

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DyaRikku's introduction.


DyaRikku is a boisterous software glitch that loves diving right into the chaos her chat creates or, better yet, creating it herself. She especially likes to have fun with whatever art project she's working on. Despite this chaotic energy, she has very little patience for trolls or legitimate rudeness in her chat, and could even be considered trigger-happy by some. This all combines into a streamer that takes great pride in her art and the audience she shares it with.


Dyarikku has long, pink-tinted grey hair that gradients to aqua blue near the tips. She has long fox ears with a mecha-inspired inner area, as well as two pointy bunches of hair that resemble a second set of ears. She has a 4-pronged device stretching across the back of her head that meets these two sets of ears like earphones. Her eyes tend to be pink and purple, usually with two squares for pupils. Her eyes are often "glitching", though, and can change to be blue, static, etc...

DyaRikku's body is clad in a dark-purple skinsuit, with similarly colored armor overlaying this. She wears very large gauntlets on both hands, both stopping at her elbows. Her chest plate has a large, glowing symbol on the front resembling chevrons or arrows. Her legs thin out towards the bottom as, by the time you reach her feet, the armor she's wearing narrows down to a very small mechanical foot with stilleto-like heel. DyaRikku's tail is entirely made of some sort of energy, and glitches constantly, shifting its position and giving off effects.



DyaRikku's character, Rikku, was first conceptualized as a virtual assistant and Twitch mascot, with her first fullbody image being posted to DyaRikku's twitter on 14 June 2020.[1] She first debuted her Live2D model on her Twitch channel on 27 November 2020. She later made an official Vtuber debut stream on a since-abandoned Youtube Channel on 19 December 2020.[2]


On 12 December 2020, DyaRikku celebrated reaching 10000 Twitch followers on her Twitter.[3]


Very early in the year, DyaRikku set out a plan to re-debut with an updated model. Her new model's reference sheet was posted to her twitter on 14 March 2021.[4]

DyaRikku reached 20,000 followers on her Twitch account on 16 March 2021, and she posted a brief message to her twitter to celebrate this.[5]

On 19 March 2021, DyaRikku announced that she was going to begin uploading videos to her Youtube channel again, mainly Twitch clips.[6]

On 1 April 2021, DyaRikku initiated a war with fellow Vtuber Yuniiho. This caused a conflict between the #HORNIREVOLUTION and #SEISOCOPS factions. Many other artists and Vtubers joined in on the conflict, and it was decided with a Twitter vote where fans chose a side.[7]


  • Rather than call her model self-created, she strictly clings to the idea that she is both her own mama and papa, and requests that noone question this idea.
  • Her husband also streams on Twitch, and they live together in the United Kingdom.

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