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ENTUM, Virtual YouTuber Office (エンタム - バーチャルYouTuber事務所 Entamu - Baacharu Youtuber Jimusho), simply known as ENTUM (エンタム) is a Virtual YouTuber Agency founded in 2018 by, The company behind the Mirai Akari Project. ENTUM helps its endorsed VTubers with the creation of content, planning collaborations and events, serving as spokespersons for the media and providing a physical address for fans to send correspondence.[1]


ENTUM Vtubers

ENTUM Talents, First Row from Left: Akari, Hinata, Uka and Hiyoko. Second row from left: Mitsu, Hero, Sora and Kanon. Third row from left: VT-212, Kuon and Midy.

The actual roster of VTubers endorsed by ENTUM is the following.

Former Members


  • Originally Eilene, because of her early involvement with the Mirai Akari Project, was able to have Yomemi in the roster of ENTUM's endorsed talents. On June 28 2018, Eilene announced via her twitter account that Yomemi graduated from ENTUM, which also meant her association with the Mirai Akari Project coming to an end [2].

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