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Edgardo Niwatori is a male Spanish / English Virtual YouTuber who first appeared on the shared NiwatoriTV channel on 14 November 2018.

Introduction Video


INTRODUCTION Distress Message from an Alien Lifeform? - エドガルド EDGARDO -

Edgardo's introduction.


Edgardo is a self proclaimed simp who is a vtuber for fun. Some may describe him as an idiot or eccentric, so you never know what Edgardo may do on stream.

His interests include flight simulators, VRChat, anime, dragon waifus, and fun.


He is a space chicken from a galaxy far, far away who set out on a quest to hunt down the evil pirate Talmaldo, who stole all of their planet's water. Accompanies by his sister Emiko and cousin Erika, the trio hunted Talmado for many centuries before a time traveling incident sent them back to the year 2018. Unfortunately, traveling backwards in time caused harmful midichlorians to latch onto his spaceship, causing him to lose control and crash onto Earth.

With his ship damaged beyond repair, he has become a salaryman as he attempts to save up enough money to pay for the necessary amount of Zync and Trilithium necessary to repair his ship. Unfortunately, he discovered flight simulator video games, PSO2, and anime, which has set his attempts to save back quite a bit.

In one of his first video recordings on Youtube, the history is a bit different as someone ran into his space ship and caused him to critically hit an asteroid, crash landing in Mexico.


  • Edgardo manages both Emiko Niwatori and Erika Niwatori.
  • Edgardo briefly had a female version of his avatar.

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