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Bishoujo Senshi Galaxy Emberlith, usually shortened to Emberlith or Ember, is a female Spanish VTuber and Streamer who started streaming with an avatar in July 2020, but she has been streaming without it for years prior. On 27 October she made her original avatar's debut as a Magical Girl on Twitch with an original lore. This included the participation of her main manager as her magical pet/guide companion, a magical fox named Hoshi.

Introduction Video


Debut Vtuber - Bishoujo Senshi Galaxy Emberlith; 🎀

Ember's introduction.


She is known for her cheerful charisma, unbitten tongue, cute acapella singing and occasionally bizarre humor. She always tries to talk with her chat even while playing games or focusing on other tasks, which sometimes means derailing the stream for the sake of her chat's enjoyment.


Her original avatar's appearance is inspired by the Magical Girl (魔法少女) genre, and the League of Legends's Star Guardians and Aurelion Sol's galaxy concept. Her hair has a variety of celestial colours in a galaxy-like arrangement, and star-shaped hair brooches. Her dress is literally made of stars and constellations cast onto a night-blue sky. Ember's human form has draconic elements like horns, a heart tail and little cute fangs.


  • Ember has said that her ultimate form is a star's reunited forming a Galaxy Dragon, though this form has never been shown.
  • She loves Magical Girl's shows in general, but her favorite one above all is Sailor Moon.
  • She is the first Hispanic Vtuber that has an "anime ending" and own manga. Both created by her fans.
  • Ember is known as one of "Moshie's Children" since her character designer, MoshieDraws, is the "mother" of over 20 Vtubers around the world.
  • For her viewers sake, she has a genderbended alter ego "Rodolfo" that she creates by donning a mustache and talking in a deep, seductive voice. Every time he appears he receives marriage proposals and flirting from Ember's chat.
  • Ember's Christmas avatar was based on the fan art commissioned from YuniePix, as Ember loved her work so much that she wanted her new avatar to look exactly the same.
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