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Esse Frolic (エセフロリコ) created by esthedikart (エステティックアート), is a Male VStreamer/VTuber from the Philippines who debuted on the 27th of November 2020. He is an independent virtual streamer using Facebook Gaming as his platform. He loves playing retro games and any other games nostalgic to the 90s and 2000s. Although he is an English speaking virtual streamer, he doesn't speak in his real voice, but instead uses an AI speech system to communicate with his audience.

Introduction Video


PH Esse Fr🍅lic's -Self Introduction- -VTuber -VStreamer

 Esse Frolic's introduction.


Esse is notably straightforward to any questions his viewers has, except when the question is about his voice reveal. He somewhat has a childish persona during his live-streaming, it might probably because of the child AI voice he uses for his streaming avatar.

His fanbase says that he is light and wholesome in the highest degree when he entertains his viewers.


Esse uses 3 persona for his avatar. Two of those persona is an adult 2D render and a chibi type version of it, while the other is a male boy who he uses during his live streaming on Facebook Gaming. There's a lot of similarities with the 3 personas he uses like the black ball cap in his head, the eye glasses, the big headphones and the white sneakers. But the most particular to the features of his persona is the white color of the hair and the specific orange tone of his eyes.

The 2D versions wears black and brown clothes, while the 3D avatar wears black for its upper body and a pair of jeans below.


  • During one of his live streaming, it was suggested by one of his viewer to have a name for his own fans.
  • The name was initially suggested by one of the viewer as "frolicons" but was finally decided as "esthetics".
  • The "esthetics" says that he is mysterious, a quality typically a VStreamer or a VTuber has.


  • He is originally affiliated with the esthedikart's operators.
  • The streaming channel of Esse was originally formed as a blog, journal, image manipulation and digital art website.
  • 2D chibi version of Esse was the avatar of the esthedikart's Facebook page and platforms.
  • Esse's initial live streaming videos has 2D image only as an avatar and was mute.
  • Esse says that his favorite game was the Suikoden Franchise.
  • Esse's favorite food is tomato + cucumber together with tomato ketchup.
  • The AI voice he is using sounds like JUSTIN IVONA VOICE.
  • Esse says in his introduction video that he might be speaking in his real voice if he will have a good microphone with him.
  • During one of his live stream on Facebook, one of his viewer asked about when he will have a voice reveal. He just replied that "Maybe in the future. Maybe, just maybe".
  • He sometime tries to use his AI voice to speak Filipino or Japanese.
  • When he laughs, Esse imitate the giggle sound Tee~hee.
  • He likes anything abstract or memphis in design pattern.