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Evelyn (stylized as Evelyn -Vtuber-) is a female Indonesian Virtual YouTuber who debuted in January 13th, 2019. She is one of the most active Indonesia's Independent Vtuber for streaming and interacting on social media.

Her channel has various content such as gameplay, song covers, ASMR, random talks, story reading and problem consultations. Initially, her contents are mostly VOD (Video On Demand). Later in late August 2019, she started live streaming following the trend. Currently she's focusing on live streaming almost everyday.

Her fans are called as Epelables, a pun from available. She says that Epelables are people who will always available for her.

Introduction Video


-01 Kenalan Dengan Evelyn - Virtual Youtuber Garing 【 Vtuber Indonesia 】


Evelyn has a warm and friendly personality towards her viewers. She has a "good girl" persona. She's sweet, caring, full of affection, and tends to avoid sensitive issues, as well as strong or bad words and profanities. She is described as a humble, friendly and hardworking indie VTuber, since she interacts with her fans regularly by replying to their comments on her social media every day.

But in the other hand, she's a bit naive, childish and very very seiso (she actually don't understand when people throw NSFW terms or jokes). Not to mention that she tends to throw dad jokes, puns, or other cheap and lame jokes on her social media that would make you want to laugh but also want to slap her as well.

Evelyn wants to be a virtual mood booster through her content and considers her viewers as her friends and family.

She can't stand horror, loud noises or jump scares. She gets startled quite easily, and her screaming noise is really dangerous for your ears.

She is also considered as a Yandere since in one of her video, it shows her making some chocolate for Valentine's day as she mentioned that she'll add cyanide to it. She also did some yandere voice notes on an ex-dubber's channel. However, despite these claims from fans, Evelyn denies that she is a yandere.


Evelyn appears as a young woman with a relatively slim body, oval face, red eyes, and long sea blue hair with an ahoge (one strand of hair sticking out from the top of the head). She wears a white blouse and a blue patterned skirt, accessorised with a blue patterned bowtie to match her skirt, a blue belt with a red heart clasp, as well as red frills. Her dominant color scheme is blue, pink and white.

Her new outfit is a white and pink, sleeveless button-up dress resembling a maid outfit, accessorised with pink frills, a pink ribbon on her collar, as well as a blue ribbon under her bust. She wears frilled white arm bands on her arms, adorned with pink ribbons. She also wears a white, ruffled thigh garter on her left thigh. She wears black strapped heels with ruffled socks. Her hair is accessorised with a heart hair clip on her bangs, as well as a big pink ribbon on the left side of her head. Evelyn is shown wearing earring on her left ear. Her hair is pink at the tips, and her ahoge is slightly shorter in length.


  • Evelyn enjoyed drawing ever since she was a child, although she isn't the best at it. She was often called naughty and often gets punishment from her teacher due to her delinquency. She used to draw and scribble on the whiteboard and on the teacher's desk in elementary school. See #ScribblEpel on Twitter to see her draw.
  • Although her debut video aired on January 13th 2019, Evelyn launched her teaser video and a few short videos since December 2nd 2018. Her Youtube channel was created since November 8th, 2018.
  • She was considering another nickname such Eve, Elyn, or Lylyn (but she immediately changed her mind. Lylyn is way to pronounce candle in Indonesian, she thought it sounded weird) on her debut video. Since she likes apples, she decided that she wanted to be called "Epel" with the same pronunciation.
  • Evelyn likes to goof around and make a cheap jokes every time she talks. She often posts memes on her personal Facebook account. Some people describe her as a shitposter, but due to the strong word and the real meaning of shitpost being negative, she refuses to be called that. She prefers to called "receh" or "garing" (lame but funny).
  • Receh is also terms for her donations. It means little amount of money. She often said on her stream that she actually feel bad when people give her too much donation because she won't make us broke. So she put very affordable amount for donation to everyone who want to support her. Her lowest membership price are very cheap too. She genuinely just want people enjoy her stream and having great time together.
  • She has two husbandos, Sasuke from Naruto franchise and Gray from Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.
  • Evelyn used to get shipped with another Indonesian Vtuber, Clarra Charlone because she gave Clarra a box of chocolate, keychain and greeting card at a local Comic-Con in Jakarta, People also ship her with Mintchan, as Mintchan addresses Evelyn as her waifu. Now, since Clarra and Mintchan are rarely active on Youtube, Evelyn isn't really shipped with anyone because she maintaining a good relationship with everyone. Though, she quite close with fellow indie vtuber Anobaith on Twitter. Evelyn claims that they are Ahoge gang (See their てぇてぇ moment here). She also close with another indie vtuber Yuji Ravindra and they already made cover song together.
  • Though she claims that she's not a fan of gaming and not really good at it (she proudly said that she's a noob), most of her videos are focusing on her playing games.
  • She fall asleep on her morning stream quite often. And yes, she snoring.
  • Evelyn have enormous stamina. Her "hear and solve your problem" stream usually took 5 to 7 hours in total. She was doing karaoke livestream (take down due to copyrights) for 9 hours with 80 songs sang. And her free talk stream could reach 5 hours or more. She said she just love streaming, talking and interacting with people in almost real time.
  • Evelyn easily gets along with people either they're fans or fellow vtubers.
  • Evelyn sometimes calls out someone named Pak Ipul. Not much is known about him, except for the fact that his full name is Saipulin and he loves throwing dad jokes and rhymes. His behavior seems to be more wild since he has a sharp tongue, loves to gamble and tends to steal fruits from other people's trees. It's still unknown what their actual connection is.
  • Evelyn's scream is described as very similar to a monkey's or dolphin's cry. Sometimes she does random high pitched screeches and kettle noises on stream.
  • She probably has alter ego too.
  • In a video, she mentions that she accidentally drank vehicle oil when she was a little and drank pine wood scented floor cleaner because she was curious on what pine trees taste like.
  • She often does cursed 'oplos' (mixing drink) on stream. She loves Kirantidaeng, which is a combination of Kiranti (Indonesian herbal drink for women's monthly cycle) mixed with Kratindaeng (Red Bull). Even though it is also part of the oplosan category.
  • Evelyn's role models are Kizuna Ai, Siro, and Shirakami Fubuki.
  • Evelyn was involved in a mass collaboration with Vtubers all over the world, singing We Are The World from Michael Jackson.
  • Evelyn easily loses her focus while doing live streaming, so she tends to stutter. She admits that she's not a multitasking person.
  • Evelyn is the type to cry easily. She cried a couple of times on her streams before, either because of sad stories during her consultation session, or to express her gratitude to her supporters and how she feels so lucky that she became Epel and got the chance to her Epelables.
  • You can sing together with her on Smule.
  • She seems to have some kind of management team that she usually address as "Sahabat Epel" (Epel's besties). The sum of team members is still unknown. Her manager is called as 🆘.
  • On September 18th 2020, Evelyn revealed that she will having three new siblings from her "Papa" through cover song collaboration. They are Chloe Pawapua, Reynard Blanc, and Lily Ifeta. All three have their livestream debut on September 20th 2020.

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