FrauMauzenberger or Mao (鳴山まお, Naruyama Mao, lit. Ms. Meowpile) is a german independant vtuber mainly streaming on Twitch and in german. She is known for her support in the german vtuber community and therefore often referred to as Mao-nee (Big Sister Mao). She also does collabs in english and japanese.


"Guten Mauzen! Naruyama Mao, auch Frau Mauzenberger genannt, möchte ein Katzen-Idol werden und Glück und Wohlstand unter die Menschen bringen. Heute noch eine normale Katze strebt sie danach eine Winkekatze zu werden! Begleite Mao auf ihrem Weg ein Vtuber/VStreamer Idol zu werden und genieße Spiele, Katzenjammer und lustige Versprecher!" [1]

"Good Meowing! Naruyama Mao, also called Frau Mauzenberger, wants to be a cat Idol and bring prosperity and luck to all humans. Still a normal cat she aims to become a japanese lucky cat! Follow her on her journey to become a vtuber/vstreamer idol and enjoy games, cat squeeling and funny tongue slips!"

FrauMauzenberger, also known by her japanese name Naruyama Mao, given to her by an old lady that took her in after she became a human, is a stray cat that wanted to become human to be able to eat human food, wear clothes and having thumbs to use stuff. When the cat god granted her wish, she was faced with all the down sides of being a human and fell into poverty, debt and depression. With the help of an old german lady which she respectfully calls the Dosenöffner (eng. can opener) she is now on her way to get debt free.

She wants to revert back into a cat and to achieve this, she plans on becoming an idol of prosperity for human kind. So she set out to become a vtuber idol on the internet and to get the blessing of the gods by becoming a japanese lucky cat. This way she might get the ability to revert back into cat form (and hopefully stay a successful idol).[2]


Mao has a very bubbly personality, always trying her best to be happy and enjoying what she does. Although she can also get very gloomy, too, she always comes back around to being happy by interacting with the chat. She is described as having a very positive vibe, a great personality and making people happy.[3]

She claims to be from catland and lived in japan after becoming human. Now she lives in germany and japan commuting between the two countries (stuck in germany during corona). She traveled a lot through japan and lived with lots of different households as a stray cat until she got her own home and work, which makes her an expert on live in japan as a stray and as a working adult.

She is known for helping other vtubers by giving advice, crediting all her resources and raiding channels of smaller vtubers. Right now she focuses on german origin and german speaking vtubers as there are very few of them at the moment.

Althought she claims her voice is the worst and she sounds like a street cat, she tries to sing to become an idol. Her singing streams are mostly privated or ereased for good as she doesn't feel confident enough to leave them online. That does not stop her in creating jingles while doing things[4] and playing games[5] and singing every now and then while doing ingame tasks.[6]



Her Twitch account was made very early on as she is a vivid stream viewer. The creation date is unknown. Her Twitter account was created on november 15th 2019 to participate in a contest. She then proceeded to interact with german popular twitch streamers giving advice on japan related stuff.


On october 22nd, she streamed for the first time as a vtuber on Twitch. The audio was catastrophical and there is no trace of the stream left.

On october 24th, she twittered for the first time as a vtuber.[7]

On november 30th, she hit all requirements to become an affiliate on twitch to earn money.

On december 2nd, she first used her now trademark opening of "Guten Mauzen!" (eng. Good Meowing!") in a tweet. [8]


On january 1st, she made her official vtuber debut on twitch with a 2 hour long stream introducing her backstory and herself. [2]

On January 6th, she had her first karaoke stream celebrating her 100 followers (which by then had already exceeded 200). The stream was deleted.

On january 22nd, she hit 300 followers on Twitch.[9]


  • Mao is polyglot speaking fluent german, english, japanese and spanish. Additional she can speak a little bit of dutch, italian, french, swedish, russian, korean, chinese, vietnamese and hawaiian.[2] [10]
  • Her first name Mao is a japanization of an onomatopae of the german meowing sound. Another onomatopae for it is mauzen, which she uses in her last name.
  • She tries to be seiso, but sometimes curse words slip through and she retaliates by apologizing way too much and trying to exchange the word with something more appropriate.[11]
  • She apologizes way to much in general, always bowing and thanking everyone for their kindness, even after being treated jokingly mean by her chat.
  • She can't handle donations and will start crying if there are too many or too big donations. She explained it with coming from a poor background and not being used to human kindness.
    • Making her cry too much can result in two very funny outcomes. First she blows her nose loudly, called the Trompetensolo (eng. trumpet solo) or the elephant cat. When she cries for a longer time she has to burp, which is the chats favourite. Unfortunately she always mutes herself to stay "seiso".
      • When she cried after her debut stream and burped, she was in a discord voice chat with two fellow vtubers Toba Fuyumi and Kuma Farukon. She only muted herself on stream, not on discord, prompting both guests too laugh so hard that Kuma almost toppled over. Legends say her burps are really weird.
  • Once she explained how to prepare squirrel as a meal which lead to the inside joke of Mao having a squirrel diet and she is always happily exclaiming to get seated and take a snack squirrel whenever someone enters her chat.[12] There is a cute emote accomodating this.
  • Rabbits are a sensetive topic in her streams. She once killed a rabbit in The Long Dark on stream, which made her chat fear her. Since then she tries to cover up her rabbit kills by changing to a "Nice Boat" screen and telling her chat the rabbit is safe and sound. Talking of rabbits in the chat gives some chatters warlike trauma flashbacks.


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