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Fuji Aoi (富士葵) is a female Japanese virtual YouTuber and singer who debuted on 8 December 2017. She is signed with the music label Universal Music Japan.

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Aoi's debut stream.




On 7 November, she released her first debut titled "Hajimari no Oto." The eponymous track in the single was released earlier on 22 October.


On 15 April, she released her cover album titled Koe - Cover Channel -.

On 10 May, her as of yet untitled second single was announced to be released on 31 July.[1]

On 15 June, she held her birthday live event at Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas Tokyo. She also revealed her new look and changed her logo.[2]


  • On 19 December 2019, she made an appearance in a collaboration with Cyberstep, one commemorating the first anniversary of the game Dawn of the Breakers, with two different versions of her available, one based on her third 3D model and the other an original design not seen before.[3] The other collaboration was with Cyberstep's online crane game Toreba where Aoi appears on some cushions.
  • On January 2020, Aoi becomes a Pocari Sweat ambassador and collaborated with beyond2020 and Otsuka alongside Hatsune Miku, YuNi and Mirai Akari, MEIKO and Hoshino Ichika, She also appeared in the web movies "Nechusho No!No!" and "Virtual Tokyo Supply Girl".[4][5]
  • On 30 September 2020, she participated in the "VTuber Fall Guys Party" tournament with her fellow members, Kizuna Ai, Dennou Shojo Siro & Nekomiya Hinata under the team name "Virtual Retirement Home". In the final ranking, they got 5th place.
  • On 22 July 2021, she participated in the "VTuber Fall Guys Sports Festival" tournament with Kashiko Mari, Dennou Shojo Siro & Nekomiya Hinata under the team "Kuraegu Panda". In the final ranking, they ranked 4th place.She also recieved best individual awards following her getting the crown in the finals.


  • Aoi's crowdfunding effort to raise the yen equivalent of ~$100,000 USD from fans for a redesign of her character was surpassed with more than double that amount.
  • She did a series of video collaborations with Tokino Sora. The first one, under the moniker SoraAo (そらあお), were duet renditions of the songs "Lion" (by May'n and Megumi Nakajima) and "Snow Halation" (by μ's). On November 2018, Aoi along with Sora and Suntory Nomu sang a rendition of Sakura Taisen's opening theme "Geki! Teikoku-Kagekidan" (by Oji Hiroi). In August 2021 all three sang Madoka Magica's ending theme "Magia" (by Kalafina).
  • Aoi signed a deal with Universal Music Japan and she released her debut album on Hajimari no Oto (はじまりの音) [1][2]. She is another VTuber act signed with this record label, along with the Virtual Idol group Enogu and MonsterZ MATE.
  • She shares her current illustrator with Sukoya Kana and Seto Miyako of NIJISANJI.

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