Fujima Sakura (藤間桜) is a female English / Japanese Virtual YouTuber, a member of the 22/7 real & virtual idol group. She is voiced by Sally Amaki (天城サリ), who is of Japanese ethnicity but was raised in America, also a member of 22/7 and currently its only fluent English speaker.

Introduction Video


About me Sakura Fujima

Sakura's introduction.


Sakura is talkative and cheerful, enjoys playful smug comments and memes.


  • When she began her channel, she requested 10000 YouTube subscribers, which was achieved within 3 days, a very impressive number for a new YouTuber.
  • Sally also has her own Twitter account with high meme content.
  • According to the Pixiv Encylopedia, Sakura was born in Los Angeles, California, USA.
  • Her favorite phase is the Spanish saying Con pan y vino se anda el camino (Lit. With bread and wine, you can walk the road, meaning things never seem so bad after a good meal)

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