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Fujisaki Yua (藤崎由愛) also known as YUA was a Female Japanese Virtual YouTuber.

Introduction Video



Yua's introduction.



On 4 October 2017, Yua debuted on Youtube.


On 27 July, she did her first collaboration video with Siro.[1]


On 20 November 2020, Yua retired.


  • Some fans suspect that Yua's voice actress is Shiori Mikami (known for her role as Akari 'Akarin' in the YuruYuri anime).
  • Yua is often said to be less popular than she would be expected to be (she started earlier than most VY that are above her in number of subscribers, and being one of the few VYs that is suspected to have a professional voice actress). It is often joked that she is forever just below the "YUA line", the number of subscribers where VY are successful.
  • Some of her videos feature the voice of the Spanish Debitto; jokingly her viewers prefer his voice imitating Yua over Yua's own.
  • Her usual greeting is ohaYUA!; sometimes fans use this greeting with other VTubers, especially those that are as well-figured in the chest area as Yua is.

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