(Not to be confused with Nora Cat.)

Fumino Tamaki (文野環) or Noraneko (野良猫) is a female Japanese Virtual Youtuber and a member of the Nijisanji group.

Introduction Video



  Tamaki's introduction.



  • She has the nickname ”airplane cat” from to the imagery in some of her videos, or "unlucky cat" due to difficult circumstances including often dropping her phone, getting her bicycle seat stolen, and the below.
  • She received the friendly nickname "clueless cat" from her fans because of her ineptness with technology. During a particular livestream on 24 April 2018, she failed five times to start the stream due to technical issues and was crying on the sixth attempt. Her Youtube channel's name had been the same text repeated twice - it can be assumed that that was accidental - for months.
  • In May 2018, Tamaki (really, the woman who is her "producer") began experiencing problems with her throat that made speaking and therefore streaming difficult. She visited the hospital on a few occasions and on 3 June 2018, she tweeted a diagnosis of vocal cord Leukoplakia, basically a severe issue with the vocal cords that is a risk of cancer. She went for treatment and on 28 June 2018 she tweeted that it was going well and that she hoped to be active again within a week.

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