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Fuzuki Miki(文月みき)was an independent female Virtual YouTuber who debuted on 14 June 2020 and retired on 21 May 2021. She is a self proclaimed tensai idol, who proudly took on the title of President of the United States of Miki based on a long running gag made by her fans.

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Miki's introduction.


Miki is a soft spoken and a sweet individual who is able to speak fluently in Japanese, English and French. She converses interchangeably between English and Japanese while streaming. A fan of Japanese idol culture herself, Miki aspires to be an idol and enjoys singing despite admitting to be shy about it.

One of her famous traits is that she is quick to panic and hyperventilate when faced with unfortunate predicaments that occur as a result of her own clumsiness or bad luck. Despite this, Miki is normally quick to recover her confidence once said bad situation is overturned, praising herself as a 'tensai' (genius) in the process. However if that is not the case, she would then find herself cursing 'kuso' repeatedly in frustration, much to the comedic entertainment of her viewers. She has a very distinct laugh which is often likened to a seagull, much to her dismay.


Miki has short blonde hair with two half-up twintails, bangs sweeping across the left side of her face and a braid on the same side. The braid and part of her right hair have vibrant green highlights. Her eyes are the same vibrant shade of green. She has a beauty mark under her left eye, which she she considers a charm point.[1]

Her attire consists of a sleeveless black top which ends below her chest. The top has a green ribbon which connects to a pink-hued gem in the middle. She is wearing matching shorts with a pink belt and a green ribbon in the middle, with a larger one behind her. Aiming for an asymmetrical fashion sense, Miki wears mismatched pair of boot and shoes. On the left side of her hips is a tattoo of a ribbon and sparkles, however Miki states that her tattoo is not real.

Miki's second outfit model is casual themed. In contrast to her idol costume, this outfit sports a fashionable casual look that is less revealing compared to her original idol themed attire. Now her outfit consists of a grey shirt adorned with ribbons underneath a pink sweater jacket, a white miniskirt paired with black leggings and black ankle boots as her shoes. She also gains removable accessories such as a hat, bag and red spectacles. Miki's hair is now tied into short pigtails with small pink ribbon hair ties attached. At the same time, her model is updated with more facial expressions and the ability to turn completely sideways.



Miki's YouTube channel was created on 11 June 2020. Her Twitter account was also created within the same month. She released her debut video on 14 June and her first stream[2] was on July 10, where she played Getting Over It.

In September 2020, Miki became eligible for monetization. She opened up her membership, dubbed the 'Mikiship' within the same month. This all coincided around the same time for her 4000 subscriber milestone.

Around November 2020, almost five months after her debut, Miki celebrated her 10,000 subscriber milestone. She often laments that she never expected to have been able to get this far and expected her numbers to remain be below 5,000. Thus this was a significant milestone for her.

In December 2020, some time after reaching donation goals for a new costume, Miki debuted with a new Live 2D outfit.[3]


In March 2021, Miki celebrated her birthday that took place on the 6th of March with an almost three hour long stream. Roughly around two weeks after her birthday, Miki reached her 15k subscriber milestone and hosted another celebration stream for the occasion.

On 4 May, Miki scheduled a chatting stream to talk about her updates in life. At the very last minute before the stream went live, she mentioned that there will be an important announcement midstream. This announcement ended up to be news of her graduation as she states that she will cease all VTuber activities by the 21st of May. She subsequently tweeted about the matter following the on stream announcement.[4]

During her final two weeks, Miki released her final song cover, ヴァンパイア (Vampire) by DECO*27.[5]

On the 19th of May, Miki also held the eponymous Avengers Endgame of VTubers stream, which is her final collab stream with almost 30 participants joining her to play party games for one last time.[6]

Finally, Miki held her Graduation Stream on the 21st of May despite some initial problems trying to get the stream running. The stream featured Miki's callbacks to the earlier days of her Vtubing career, a voice call segment featuring other Vtuber friends, karaoke sessions and a near 3 hour long playthrough of a visual novel that was made by a fan as part of her graduation send off. Her subscriber milestone concluded with 18.5k subscribers around this time. She ends her journey as a tensai idol president with an emotional final performance singing Fansa, bringing an end to the 5 hour long farewell stream and her 11 month old Vtuber career. [7]

Mascot and Fans

  • Prior to her 8000 subscriber celebration stream, Miki decided that her fans would be called Miki's (as in something that belongs to her/Miki's property).[8]
  • However, during the 8000 subscriber celebration stream it was decided that her new official fan name would be 'Amiki', (a play on words of Miki and ami/-ie which means friend in French) and the unofficial fan name would be 'Kusodachis' (combination of Kuso and Tomodachi).[9]
  • During the beginning of a Yakuza 0 stream, Miki had a short scuffle with a spider before the stream ended abruptly. This led fans to speculate that Miki was attacked by the spider. Upon the stream's continuation, Miki explained that she and the spider had an epic fight but had finally resolved their differences and became roommates. Bobu the Spider was officially introduced and became a recurring mascot in Miki's streams.[10]
  • Because of the Bobu incident and the fact that Miki's internet is problematic at times, fans are quick to associate Bobu with sabotage whenever there is a problem with her streams.


  • Miki claims to have very nice long legs.
  • Miki also claims to be good at maths.
  • Whenever asked about her age, Miki would jokingly respond that she is a 49 year old man using a voice changer.
  • In addition to Japanese, English and French, Miki understands a number of other languages such as Mandarin and Spanish but is not as fluent.
  • Initially, Miki streamed mostly in Japanese as her viewer base mostly consisted of Japanese viewers. However she later transitions into speaking English and Japanese interchangeably to accommodate to her rapidly growing English speaking fanbase.
  • During the first few months of streaming, Miki converses in a very soft manner that fans liken to a whispery ASMR voice. The reason for this is because Miki does not want to attract unwanted attention from her strict parents while streaming. However, she has since then moved to a different room where she can speak normally without any worry.
  • Miki's shy and reserved personality is contrasted by her idol themed outfit, a fact pointed out by many fans as it is rather revealing and 'ecchi'. This lead to her being self-conscious over her outfit as fans love to tease her for it. Despite that, she occasionally flaunts her outfit from time to time before getting embarrassed and shying away due to her fans' thirsty reactions.
  • Miki has a sweet tooth and enjoys consuming sweet sugary things; most notably bubble tea. She claims to have drank bubble tea every day for a certain period of time. Her favorite snack/candy is the Kinoko no Yama.
  • Due to her knowledge of 2000s internet culture and late 90s music, she is often teasingly called a boomer, despite not even fitting the description of a baby boomer.
  • Miki has a terrible sense of direction and often gets lost in-game. She claims to have good aiming skills however.
  • A running gag during her Ring Fit Adventure streams is that she is secretly eating donuts every time she takes a break.
  • During late 2020, Miki had been actively campaigning for her presidency in the United States of Miki,[11] a post which she eventually won (self-proclaimed) with her running mate Domo.[12]
  • Some time during early December 2020, Miki reformatted her computer to accommodate for hardware upgrades. Unfortunately, she forgot to back up her data before reformatting, causing her to presumably lose lots of content and save game data. Since this incident, she has resigned herself to accept being called a clown. [13]
  • Miki has expressed desire to collab with bilingual vtubers such as Amano Pikamee and Kiryu Coco, but was certain such a thing would never happen.[14] However, this dream of hers was actually realized as she got to collab with Pikamee through an Among Us collab stream with other notable EN Vtubers.[15]
  • Miki strives to keep her streams family friendly. She would go to comedic lengths to censor or replace explicit situations or dialogue with her own unique methods.
  • Miki has a habit of labeling games that she has a difficult time playing (regardless of bugs or difficulty) as a kuso game. As a result, almost all the games she has ever played on stream has her trademark kuso game certification.
  • The number of brain cells that Miki has is often disputed. However in her 12k celebration stream, Miki confirms that she currently has 4 brain cells. This number is later clarified to be not consistent as she mentions later in a tweet that her brain cells often go on vacations sometimes.[16]
  • On special occasions, Miki will end the stream with a kiss as a send off. She will tell the viewer to close their eyes and blows a kiss soon after. After the kiss, Miki will normally become embarrassed and will hurriedly bid farewell before leaving.
  • During a Tekken stream, Miki got a little too worked up while fighting an opponent, which resulted in a "HAP" sound that seemed like a combination between a shriek and a squeak. This "HAP" sound ended up being memed a lot in her circle of friends and fans, much to her chagrin.
  • Miki was gifted a fan made visual novel about her as part of her graduation send off. The VN, titled 'My President Can't Be This Cute' featured a 2 hour long adventure parody comedy about Miki's rise, fall and redemption of her Presidency.

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