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The Game Club Project (ゲーム部プロジェクト Gemu Bu Purojekuto) was a group of Virtual YouTubers operated by Brave Group that started activity on 6 March 2018. In April 2019, there was a controversy regarding an internal problem between the voice actors portraying the club members and the management, leading to them quitting their roles. They later resumed their activities on 19 April after a discussion among the voice actors and managements, but towards the end of 2019, they were all replaced with a new cast of voice actors.

Introduction Video



Game Club Project's (Kaede) debut video.


Sakuragi Miria Yumesaki Kaede
Domyoji Haruto
Kazami Ryo
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Gamebu - Kaede.png
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Their YouTube channel was created on 25 January, 2018. The first video posted on the channel was uploaded on 6 March, with Kaede Yumesaki introducing herself.


Mistreatment controversy

On 5 April 2019, the voice actors portraying the members quit their role as they were mistreated and received verbal abuse from the production staff. On the next day, the news became widespread but there was no official words from the management until April 8. On that day, an official statement made on the company's website stated that they are aware of the rumors and were making discussions towards the improvement of treatment and work conditions.[2]

On April 11, the management gave an update of the situation. Apologizing for the situation, the representative of the management announced that there will be a new department that specializes in managing the voice actor staffs and is separate from the business side of the company. They also hinted at the continuation of the Game Club Project.[2]

On 15 April, the members posted on Twitter that they are back and that they would resume activities on the 19th.[3][4][5][6]

VA replacement controversy

In late June 2019, the voice actress for Miria was replaced. Later in early July, the voice actor for Haruto was replaced. These have met with massive backlash from fans resulting in the channel losing more than 30,000 subscribers within a week after the videos were uploaded. The other channels under Unlimited Inc. (e.g. Cocoa Domyoji and Aogiri High School Game Club) were also affected by the backlash losing several subscribers as well.

On 17 July, the representative of Unlimited Inc. released a statement apologizing for the delay in the announcement for the replacement. He also stated that the voice actors for Kaede and Ryo will also be replaced in early September later that year.[7]


On 31 December, Brave Group (Unlimited Inc.'s new name) announced that Kaede, Haruto and Ryo would retire on February 2021.[8]


On 7 February after a 9 month hiatus of the group's channel, Game Club held their final stream as a group with Kaede, Haruto and Ryo retiring from their YouTube activities, with only Miria continuing her activities on her own YouTube channel.[9][10]


  • On 28 January 2020, it was announced on Dengekionline that they would made an appearance in the game VVVtune as Vtuber guest characters.[11]


  • The first member of the Game Club to debut was Kaede and she stated that she is the President (部長 / buchou) of the club.
  • Haruto's younger sister is the virtual singer Domyoji Cocoa. She occasionally appears on some videos.
  • Most of their contents are produced skits or game streams. They did a group livestream in June 2018.
  • Haruto is occasionally nicknamed "Harutrash" (ハルカス Harukasu, coined from "Haruto" (ハルト) and "trash" (カス kasu)) by fellow VTubers and fans alike, to which he does not take kindly. It was her group mate Miria who first called him with such moniker. Haruto retaliates by calling her "Stupink" (アホピンク Ahopinku, coined from "stupid" (アホ aho) and "pink" (ピンク pinku)).
  • Aogiri High School Game Club is a related group of VTubers from the same company.

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