Ginjo sisters

Ginjo sisters (吟醸姉妹) are a pair of female Japanese Virtual YouTubers, Gin (ギン), who is the older sister and has longer hair, and Ojou (お嬢). They mainly record videogame let's plays.

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  Gin's introduction.


  Ojou's introduction.




The first video on their channel dates from 19 September 2016, but they didn't have an avatar and they just played games, with their commentary in it.[1]

However their virtual personas started to appear in miniatures only some videos later.


Their official introduction as vtubers were on 15 April for Ojou[2] and 26 April for Gin.[3] Even after debuting as vtubers, they still used their old format with no avatar and just commentary for some videos.

On 18 June, Gin received a new 2D model.[4]

On 5 July Ojou appeared with her new 2D model along with her sister.[5]


On 31 December, Ojou, ended her activities. This can be seen in the "About" section of their channel, leaving Gin as the sole owner of the channel.


Shortly after, Gin posted a comment on the community section of the channel saying that the accounts titles would be changed to reflect her sister retirement.[6] Now the channel name is 吟醸姉妹 ギン (Ginjo shimai Gin).


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