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This article is about Gold Ship as a VTuber. For information on her as a character in Uma Musume Pretty Derby, see the Uma Musume Wiki.

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Gold Ship (ゴールドシップ) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber, who runs her channel Pakatube (ぱかチューブっ). Originally a character from the Uma Musume Pretty Derby series of mobile games and anime about horse girls.

Introduction Video



Gold Ship's introduction.


Like her anime counterpart, Gold Ship is rather conceited and somewhat esoteric, yet is still very compassionate and willing to help her friends. She also maintains her rivalry with fellow Uma Musume (Horse Girl) Tosen Jordan, and is rather mischievous when around her Uma teammate Mejiro McQueen.


  • In the anime, Gold Ship had popped an entire watermelon with rapid pokes. She attempts this feat in her YouTube channel, but is unsuccessful. She ends up throwing the watermelon over her shoulder in frustration.
  • Many of her videos feature the title "Publicity Specialist (Self Proclaimed)". Gold Ship insists her title is official and constantly demands the staff remove the parenthetic addition.

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