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Hakui Koyori (博衣こより) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive, debuting as part of its sixth generation under the name of "Secret Society holoX" alongside La+ Darknesss, Takane Lui, Sakamata Chloe and Kazama Iroha.

Introduction Video



Koyori's introduction.


The one in charge of R&D in Secret Society holoX.

As part of her studies into human behavior, she meddles in the other members' affairs and tries to help them out at every turn.

Possessed by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, she may sometimes also deliberately mess with people just to see how they react.

The self-proclaimed "brains of the operation." Her areas of expertise, however, are pretty limited.


Koyori is an energetic and cheerful person, similar to Shirakami Fubuki. Initially, she was considered by some fans as one of the most "seiso" members out of her generation along with Kazama Iroha, but this has since been negated when she started showing her perverted side, such as occasional drops of innuendos and knowledge in NSFW fictions.



Hakui Koyori's YouTube channel was created on 12 September 2021. Her Twitter account was also created in September 2021. She was first revealed as part of holoX, the sixth generation of the Japanese branch of hololive, in an introductory video[5] posted on 26 November 2021 at noon JST. She made her first tweet at the same time, greeting followers with "konkoyo~". Her Twitter account was restricted shortly thereafter.[6]

Her debut stream took place on 28 November 2021 at 9pm JST. Koyori was the third -holoX- member to debut. Over 175,000 peak viewers attended her debut.


On 8 December, 12 days after the announcement of holoX, the restriction on her Twitter account was lifted. Her YouTube channel got approved for monetization on the same day.

On 14 December, Koyori reached 400,000 subscribers on YouTube.[7]

On 24 December, Koyori opened her channel membership feature.[8]

On 28 December, hololive's Twitter account announced that Nene and the sixth gen members would get "new year" costumes.[9]


On 1 January, Koyori debuted her second 2D costume to celebrate the new year. In this costume Koyori got a new hairstyle using her hair in a ponytail, her braided locks that in her main outfit form buns at her head's sides now go from right to left making the braid fall alongside the ponytail, this side is also decorated with various flower ornaments and ribbons, the biggest flower's petals are pink while the inner ones are white, underneat Koyori retains her molecule diagram-like accessory but both forms are white and in a different order. The upper section of her furisode is mostly white with light pink stripes and patterns of flowers in pink, blue and black, her furisode's sleeves are detached being put in please by laces around her arms instead. The lower section is pink, with a wind blowing pattern that goes from bottom right to upper left complemented with dark pink and red flowers, and white butterflies, her furisode falls up to her knees. The edges of her furisode are dark brown, the same color as her obi that is decorated with two ribbons the small one is red with pink stripes and white and has a bell, and the big one is dark pink and white with a dark brown flower ornament. Koyori uses white socks and black sandals.[10]

On 23 January, Koyori reached 500,000 YouTube subscribers during a singing stream. She is the 48th hololive member to reach this milestone.[11][12] She also released the cover song "S'il Vous President" by Nanahoshi Kangengakudan on 24 January to commemorate this milestone.[13]

On 15 March, on her birthday, she debuted a new accessory: red glasses.[14][15]

On 14 May, she reached 600,000 subscribers on YouTube channel during an endurance karaoke stream.[16][17]

On 10 June, Koyori announced that she would get her 3D model.[18]

On 16 June, Koyori debuted her 3D model during a stream with more than 100,000 live viewers. She has the option to remove her coat.[19]

On this date she also debuted her first original song "WAO!!."


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WAO!! 1st single 17 June 2022    
  1. "WAO!!"
  2. "WAO!!" (instrumental)
Hakui Koyori - WAO!!.jpg
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Mascot and fans

  • Her fans are known as "Koyori's assistants," or in Japanese, 「こよりの助手くん」, "Koyori no joshu-kun."
  • Her partner is a coyote robot, named "Kokoro."[20]


  • Hakui Koyori is not a cat or a fox, but a coyote. As described in her debut, she was born on a savannah to coyote parents. Rather than inheriting her parents' traits, her intelligence and "geek" stats were exceptionally high.
  • In the kanji used to write her surname "Hakui," 「博衣」, the first is read "haku" and means "doctor" or "professor," and appears in "hakase," which has the same meaning; while the second kanji, read "i," means "clothing." Her given name "Koyori" is written in hiragana, and is a Japanese female given name, which resembles the word "coyote."
  • Koyori shares her illustrator with Petra Gurin of Nijisanji EN.
  • Her greeting "konkoyo" appears to be a portmanteau of the standard Japanese greeting "konnichiwa" and her name Koyori. Similar greetings include Shirakami Fubuki's "kon kon kitsune" and Ceres Fauna's "konfauna."
  • Her hexagonal hair pin represents a molecular diagram of a benzene ring, a constituent of petrochemicals.
  • Koyori's strengths include skill with tongue-twisters, good memory, skill with numbers and with mental games, detective skill, and typing. She is skilled at voice impersonations.
  • Her weaknesses include horror, insects, arm, poor luck, mornings, spicy food, and FPS games.
  • Her favorite things include singing, planning, MC, human observation, video games, crane games, and theme parks.
  • Her favorite foods are meat, ramen, sake, shirako, udon, mayonnaise, and fugashi.
  • Her favorite anime include Macross F, Higurashi no naku koro ni, Gundam Seed, Detective Conan, Saki, Uma Musume, and Tokyo Revengers. She also likes western-made media including Game of Thrones and Ready Player One.

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