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Hanachi is a female Hispanic Virtual YouTuber from Chile who debuted on 13 April 2019.

Introduction Video


【VTUBER】Trailer actualizado del canal! 😎

Hanachi's third introduction video (in spanish)

Personality and History

Hanachi is an innocent, shy virtual being with an unknown past. Despite her childish appearance, she shows a somewhat demanding personality on twitter and her own videos when she refers to her "boss" or creator, chilean illustrator Cherry Donut. The channel originally was made to host her creator's vocal covers under the nickname Hana-C, which is pronounced the same as "Hanachi". Cherry Donut's interest in virtual youtubers led to the creation of a vtuber based on her youtaite persona, and kickstarted Hanachi's vtuber career.

Hanachi's debut was on 13 April, but due to bad comments regarding her model, her original introduction video was deleted from her channel. Her initial appearance can be seen on this post from her twitter account.

Although she didn't have a backstory at first, Cherry Donut started to develop one during early 2020 to explain many things in Hanachi's channel. One of those things is the introduction of herself in Hanachi's lore as "La otra Hana", as well as the presence of another virtual being, Risa (who seems to work on the channel behind the scenes, but still has a 3D avatar). During 2020 Hanachi also went through several 3d modifications that lead to a couple of breaks from the channel.

During late 2020, Hanachi came back from her hiatus, promising she would post more often from then on. Cherry Donut also announced the opening of Hanachi's own website,, as well as the formation of her own vtuber circle, MisfitWorks along with Risa and a new member, Boomi. Hanachi became the leader and face of the group.


Hanachi's main color scheme in her current model is pink and teal/green, with a short haircut and a white strand covering her right eye. She wears a red beret and teal crop top with "X" and "O" motives, red shorts and sneakers.


Full name: Hanachi
Gender: Female
Species: Virtual Human ("Soul")
Age: Unknown
Height: 150 cms.
Origin: Unknown
Current Residence: Virtual Chile.
Likes: Churros and Donuts
Dislikes: Zucchinis



  • Has gone through 8 model changes since her debut, all made using Vroid Studio.
  • Hanachi has only shown romantic interest in other girls.
  • Her best friend and "partner in crime" is her channel colleague, Risa.
  • Her fans are called "Hanachos".
  • Her next model version, Hanachi 9 has several texture changes and new accessories, as shown in one of her streams.

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