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The Hanayori Girls' Dormitory (花寄女子寮 Hanayori Joshiryou) was a group of Virtual YouTubers. The four members all debuted on 1 August 2019.

Hanayori Girls' Dormitory was a comparatively more casual group for VTubers, with each of its members typically only streaming a few times a week.

Hanayori Girls' Dormitory had been praised by fans as having particularly impressive implementation of face-capture technology. This allowed Hanayori's members to stream with avatars that were considerably more life-like and expressive than what was typically seen among Virtual YouTubers, even when compared to larger and longer-lived groups like hololive or Nijisanji.[original research]

On 1 February 2021, Hanayori Girls' Dormitory announced that the group would be disbanded on 15 February, with the 3 remaining VTubers becoming independent.


From left to right: Hareru, Kano, Nonono, and Hitona

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