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Haruka Karibu is a Canadian VTuber who debuted on 8 May 2020. She primarily streams on Twitch.

Introduction Video


【Self-Introduction】Its so nice to meet you! I'm Haruka Karibu! 🍀


Haruka is a pretty lax and chill individual who is very sweet & a bit of a goober. That, until you call her "cult leader", "cabbage," "moose," or any other species of the Deer Family. She is very warm & welcoming to everybody that comes her way! She also loves making new friends, interacting with her community & looking at fan art! While she sometimes gets a bit picked on in chat, she takes it with great stride & humor.


Haruka has long, vibrant green hair with small, yellow flowers tangled within it. Her bangs are neat and straight. She has antlers, decorated with vines and yellow roses. Her unique features are her big ears and antlers, resembling that of a Caribou. She wears a fluffy scarf around her neck. She wears a long green dress, and semi-transparent sleeves and long white gloves. There are vines around her legs and down to her feet, and she wears simple brown shoes.



On 19 Jun 2020, Haruka uploaded her YouTube introduction video, 【Self-Introduction】Its so nice to meet you! I'm Haruka Karibu! 🍀.

By 2 Oct 2020 she had 26.8K YouTube subscribers, and 19,628 followers on Twitch.

On 21 Nov, she announced that she would be taking some time off from streaming due to "personal caribou problems". She returned with a much celebrated return stream on 14 Dec. During the stream, she announced a new branding image, her Twitch partnership (which she had previously announced on Twitter during the hiatus), new video editors, new equipment, including a new mic, mixer and mic arm, a new racing wheel for racing games, two new Youtube videos, new emotes, huge future updates, and a new VOD channel on Youtube that's archived every stream of hers since the start of October as well as future streams. She had collabed on Shinominya and Nini Yuuna's streams during the hiatus, which were then deemed non-canon.


  • Haruka officially refers to her fans as "the Herd". However, this has not caught on. The community more commonly refer to themselves as "the Cult".
    • Haruka regularly denies being the cult leader and the cult's existence, often saying "There is no cult!". She has embraced the term on occasion, such as in HANDY DANDY! | Twitch Highlights #3 and her PlanetSide 2 streams on 19 and 20 Sept, 2020.


  • Haruka is Canadian. She is a caribou, a species of deer found in Canada in which the females have long antlers similar to males.
  • She likes to eat flowers, vegetables, and Tim Hortons. She does not like to eat meat, but has done so in the past.
  • She dislikes being called "moose" or "horse", being told that she has "hooves" or "butt floof", claims that Canada doesn't exist, and claims that she runs a cult.
  • She has been Lunaria Ayaren's childhood best friend for over a decade.[citation needed] Lunaria tends to complain about Haruka eating the flowers in her house.
  • She was hit early on in her streaming career by a Twitch error that functionally made her cease to exist on Twitch while live streaming for 2 months.
  • She does an amazing impression of Toad from the Mario series. She is also able to do impressions of various vtubers and hololive members, with notable ones including Nyanners' blegh and Houshou Marine's catchphrases.
  • She has a very cute & energetic pupper named Charlie. She also has two cats in Minecraft, named Tim and Horton's.
  • She is known for her "Yandeer" impression, though her fans wonder if it's truly just an act.
  • She gives nicknames to her VTuber friends. She calls Nyatasha Nyanners "Nyannchi", while Leaflit is called "Micchan". She also calls LunaTheMagikarp "Nemu".
  • She has several "wives", including Leaflit, Smolthie, Luna the Magikarp, Nini Yuuna, Nyanners, Ewica, and Asagiri Yua.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Despite claiming to be bad at singing, on 15 Oct she released a rap cover of Mori Calliope's Excuse My Rudeness, But Could You Please RIP? as part of the rap remix contest, which was met with acclaim. She has since released two more covers as well, one a parody of "Here Comes Santa Clause", and the other a parody of "Watame's Lullaby."
  • She has 1,837,371,717,272,717,919 brothers in her Caribou family.[citation needed]
  • One of the brothers, George, was sacrificed so Haruka could take his antlers.[citation needed]

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