Hibiki Ao

Hibiki Ao (響木アオ) is a Female Japanese Virtual Youtuber who debuted on 14 February 2018.

Introduction Video



Hibiki Ao's introduction.


  • Some viewers claim that the style of her introduction video is similar to that of Japanese AV (adult video/pornography), so despite her gentle and innocent personality some have jokingly nicknamed her "AVTuber".
  • Her charm point is her collarbone.
  • her first live event happened 21 April 2018 at TSUTAYA. A 24 September 2018 live event has been posted online here.
  • She did a crowdfunding attempt in 2018, by mid-July she was at 5.8 million yen out of a target of 5.0 million yen.
  • She always post daily on her twitter a short video about what is being celebrated in the day.
  • On 21 february 2019, Ao announced that she will be part of the main cast of the upcoming TV Tokyo dorama Watanuki-san Chi No along with Tokino Sora, and newcomer Sarugakucho Futaba.

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