Higuchi Kaede (樋口楓) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber who is part of the Nijisanji group. She is also part of the "JK gumi" group along with fellow VTubers Tsukino Mito and Shizuka Rin.

Introduction Video



  Kaede's introduction.


She is friendly but somewhat unsure of herself.



Release date Title Catalog number Label Note
12 January 2019 "KANA-DERO" NJSJ-001 Nijisanji Released during her first live event, KANA-DERO


Release date Title Catalog number Label Note
24 April 2019 IMAGINATION vol.1 QECR-91001 RK Music Digital version released on 1 March 2019


  • She is sometimes referred to using the words "CHOTTO" (ちょっと!) or "hetero" (ヘテロ). Those stem from a (not publicly recorded) livestream where a fan sent her lesbian fanart (a parody of the Yuri series Citrus) involving her and Tsukino Mito, and Kaede responded indignantly with those words.
  • On 12 January 2019 she had her first live event Kana-Dero at Zepp Osaka Bayside, also featuring the other members of the JK Gumi Tsukino Mito and Shizuka Rin, also Elu. A sample clip is available here and video of the event can be purchased on NicoNico.

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