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Hina Misora (ヒナミソラ, 妃纳海空) is a female bilingual Japanese Virtual YouTuber and member of WACTOR. She debuted in 2021 as part of WACTOR's 2nd generation along with Hoshina Suzu, Kurari Rose and Shino Laila.

Misora's first language is Japanese, but she also has an advanced level of Spanish, a language that she has been practicing for about 5 years before debuting as a Virtual YouTuber.

Introduction Video


【Canción original】Esta canción ,me representa 【WACTOR-Hina Misora】

Misora's introduction song.


【Encantada Vtuber ES】Soy una Vtuber que habla Español【Mucho gusto, yo soy Misora Hina - #WACTOR】

Misora's introduction.


【Encantada Vtuber ES】Hola de nuevo【Mucho gusto, yo soy Hina Misora- -WACTOR】

Misora's introduction.




A mysterious beautiful girl who fell from the sky... I'm Hina Misora, a new apprentice idol vtuber from WACTOR! I'm Hina Misora! ( -̀ ω -́ )✧[4]



Misora's Twitter account was created on May 2021, and her YouTube channel on 23 May. Her first tweet was published on 23 may.[4] Her YouTube debut was on 25 May.[1]

According to a post on Bilibili, on 27 May, she made her debut on that platform.[2]


On 27 May, she reached 10,000 subscribers during a drawing stream which she delayed until reaching that goal after her drawing app had crashed.[5]

On 13 June, she held her 35,000 YouTube subscribers celebration.[6]

On 17 June, she held her 40,000 Youtube subscribers celebration.[7]

On 25 June, she celebrated her one-month anniversary streaming on Youtube.[8]

On 23 September, she reached 70,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[9]


On 9 January, she reached over 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel during a meme reaction stream.[10][11]

On 5 March, she held a stream to debut her second outfit. Hina first reviewed predictions sent by fans through the hashtag #NuevoMisoTraje. Half an hour in, she proceeded to reveal her new model: a maid variation of her previous one, with a plaid red-and-blue dress with frilled trims and wide sleeves, a maid apron, a headdress based on her previous beret, black thigh highs, thigh straps and brown boots. Her hairstyle was also changed to a pair of low twintails but preserving its colors. After the stream, she premiered her cover of "Ahora Te Puedes Marchar" by Luis Miguel, and later ended the day with a stream thanking Superchats sent to her.[12]

On 9 April, Hina reached 150,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[13]

On 23 July, Hina posted on Bilibili that she would leave her channel and stop all further activities, as her studies and other responsibilities made it difficult for her to guarantee streaming regularly, which she felt would let her fans down.[14] Misora was last member of her generation to leave the platform.


  • Her fanbase are called "Misopitas," the plural diminutive for her nickname "Misopa", which is a portmanteau of Misora's name and the word "sopa" (Spanish for "soup"). They are depicted as cup noodles usually wearing a hachimaki headband.
  • On Bilibili, they are also called 「弱PC団」 (weak PC team) due to problems with her desktop PC and internet connection.[15]


Likes and dislikes

  • Her favorite color is navy blue.
  • Her favorite food is onigiri, although she has been found eating empanadas on stream.
  • Her favorite song is "Chiquitita" by ABBA. In fact, her very first conversation with Shino Laila was recommending the Spanish version of the song for her first cover.[16]
  • She likes to drink water on stream, and often reminds chat to hydrate themselves and to choose water instead of soda drinks.
  • Her favorite Vtuber is Fumino Tamaki. Hina states that not even her can understand Tamaki's random antics.


  • Misora fell down from the skies into the ocean a long time ago and due to unknown reasons. Although she miraculously survived the incident, she hit her head in the process, which is why she can't remember her life before the fall.
  • She has a whale friend named Kujira-chan, mostly known as Ballena-chan, who rescued her in the ocean when arrived Earth. Ever since her arrival, she has lived in the sea with Ballena-chan's family as one of their own kind.
  • Apart from Spanish and Japanese, she can speak Hinañol, a "whale language" she ocassionally uses to communicate with Ballena-chan and other characters.
  • Being an idol from heaven,
    • Hina is eternally 15 years old.
    • She doesn't go to the bathroom; she only has random convenient meetings.


  • Misora says no one calls her by her real name and rather use her nicknames "Misopa" and "Heiki."
    • On her YouTube debut stream, she told her viewers to call her however they liked and blurted out many nickname examples. When one of them recomended "Miso-chan", she laughed and said it was alright even though it reminded her of miso soup. This inspired the nickname "Misopa" and later, the fan name "Misopitas."
    • She mentioned that she earned the nickname "WACTOR's weapon" on Bilibili after OBS mistranslated her name as 「兵器」 (pronounced Heiki), which means weapon, instead of her official Chinese name 「海空」 (pronounced Haikong).
  • Before auditioning to join WACTOR, she already knew about the agency and even Spanish-speaking clippers, and was a fan of Hizuki Miu as well. She has stated that Miu's dedication with her overseas fanbase was a mayor inspiration to use her Spanish skills to become a VTuber.
  • She can be easily irritated by the word "Pien" (ぴえん), an onomatopoeia which expresses sadness and is represented with the emoji "🥺", because she considers it overused and disingenuous, except of course if it's one of her senpais who uses the term.[17]
  • She can't read much kanji.
  • She has mentioned she likes how anesthesia feels.
  • Her streams are frecuently interrupted by motorbike sounds, which she and her fans often refer to as "the yakuza."
  • She has three cats: Michirísimo, Micharda and Tanaka nukonashi-senpai. Michirísimo and Micharda's names are based off the word "Michi," an endearing way to call cats in Spanish-speaking countries.
    • Micharda eventually ran from home due to being in heat, according to Misora.
  • She once charred an orange off-stream while trying to cook a "grilled orange" (Yaki Orenji). Hina describes its taste as a warm orange and calls it her magic ball.

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