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HoneyStrap (ハニーストラップ Haniisutorappu, or often shortened as ハニスト Hanisuto) is a group of Virtual YouTubers. They are intended to be a group of demon queens from hell, although most speak and act in a cute and often gentle manner. They came to the human world to work at a coffee shop "HoneyStrap" under the manager Nanashi.

On 19 May 2019, Sougetsu Eli announced her retirement from the group. She did a farewell stream on 21 May.



HoneyStrap roster: (From Left) Mico, Eli (Retired), Patra, Charlotte and Mary

HoneyStrap is formed by the following VTubers:


  • At the end of 2018, the members received a character redesign that made them noticeably less demonic, and more "cute" then "sexy" (e.g. Mary is wearing a sweater), which better matches their personalities.
  • In mid-March, HoneyStrap manager Nanashi announced that on 28 March 2019, they will be unveiling 3D models for Mico, Charlotte, and Mary. [1]

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