Honma Himawari (本間ひまわり) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber and a member of Nijisanji (formerly of Nijisanji Gamers).

A high school sophomore who loves games and cats.

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  Himawari's introduction.


Himawari is bright, cheerful, and full or energy. She loves to have fun and always has a bright outlook and loves being a Vtuber. Before becoming a Vtuber however, she seemed to have serious self-esteem issues and trouble at school, leading to her missing a semester. Himawari admitted that becoming a Vtuber turned her life around and that meeting everyone in Nijisanji was one of the best things that ever happened to her and encourages people not to give up.[1]

Himawari is part of the group known as the どくずほんしゃ(Dokuzuhonsha) with Kuzuha, Dola, and Yashiro Kizuku, which roleplays as a family during collab streams with her being the elder sister. However, even outside the Dokuzuhonsha collab streams, Himawari is very close to Dola, often staying at her house and doing streams of just the two of them talking or playing games. She's also very close to Yashiro, who she refers to as 'Papa' and who helps her study.

Honma Himawari is famously air-headed and 'lacking in certain academic fields' (to put it kindly). In her earlier streams she would point at the screen, forgetting her audience couldn't actually see her, answered the door in nothing but a towel once, and thought the sun and the moon were the same thing (something that one of the COO's of the company that manages the Nijisanji project, Iwanaga, commented on).



Himawari made her YouTube debut on 11 July.


On 25 April Himawari held her official 3D model debut stream.



  • Himawari is part of the group known as the どくずほんしゃ/Dokuzuhonsha Family with Kuzuha, Dola, and Yashiro Kizuku.
  • She has a pet cat that she as referenced a few times on stream.
  • Her weight has slowly increased throughout the years, first starting at 48 kg and is now currently at 55.1 kg. A joke popped up on 23 August 2019 suggesting that she was the Pokémon Ludicolo due to her similar weight and height. Upon discovering this theory, she was confused, but four days later ended a stream of Pokémon Platinum by putting a picture of Ludicolo where she would normally stand.[2]
  • Himawari was the one that made the Nijisanji ARK Server.

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