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Hoshimachi Suisei (星街すいせい) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber associated with hololive. While originally an independent VTuber who eventually was recruited into hololive, she is currently part of "hololive 0th gen" alongside fellow solo debutants: Tokino Sora, Roboco, Sakura Miko and AZKi.

Introduction Video


【自己紹介】彗星の如くあらわれたアイドルVTuber!!!【 01】

Suisei's introduction.


"It's your shooting star, your diamond in the rough, idol VTuber Hoshimachi Suisei!"

A forever 18 VTuber who deeply loves singing and idols.

Her dream is to one day hold a live concert in Tokyo Budokan.[9]


Suisei is a modest, multitalented singer and aspiring idol who is among the more level-headed members of hololive, though she also has a childish streak. After her unexpectedly compelling performance as a traitor in a game of Project Winter, she gained a reputation for remorseless sociopathy behind a facade of polite sweetness.[10] No one seems to know how much of the "Psychopath Suisei" persona is real or not, but Suisei herself acknowledges that it is extremely funny and has referred to the incident on multiple occasions.



Her Twitter account and YouTube channel were created on 18 March 2018. Her introduction video was uploaded four days later on 22 March.[11]


On 21 June, she debuted her second 2D costume. Like her first one, her movements and animations were limited.[12] However, this costume was later updated to have much more movement, which included her hair and hat.

On 1 July she became a member of a VTuber group called S:gnal. On 4 August, a month later, she announced on Twitter that she graduated from the group and resumed her activities as a solo idol a week later.[13]


On 11 January, she revealed a third 2D costume.[14]

On 19 May during AZKi's first live, she appeared as a surprise guest performer where she performed her second original song "Tenkyuu, Suisei wa Yoru wo Mataide". It was afterwards announced that AZKi and Suisei would be affiliated with INoNaKa Music (INNK MUSIC), a music label under hololive.

On 27 July she along with AZKi participated in INNK EXHiBiTiON, a label event hosted by INNK MUSIC. It was held at Entas in Akihabara.[15]

On 29 November, she published on Twitter that she would be transferred from Inonaka Music to hololive's main branch.[16][17]

On 1 December, she announced on her Twitter account that she would get a brand new 2D model, this model was later revealed the same day during a stream on YouTube. With this stream her transfer to hololive became official.[18][19]


On 2 January, she published on Twitter that she would get her second 2D costume (based on her new model). This was revealed to be a kimono in celebration of the new year, the same day as her YouTube channel.[20][21]

On 19 January hololive's Twitter account published a tweet mentioning that Houshou Marine, Hoshimachi Suisei and Shiranui Flare would participate in a stream prior to hololive's 1st fes. Nonstop Story.[22][23] The next day, in the same stream, it was revealed that the three of them would get their 3D model debut in said event, but that they would have a YouTube debut later. In Suisei's case, her stream was scheduled for March.[24]

On 24 January, she appeared in her 3D model for the first time at hololive's 1st fes. Nonstop Story, with both her new standard and idol outfits.[25][26]

On 31 January, Suisei reached 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[27]

On 25 February, she announced on her Twitter account the date for her 3D model debut on YouTube, which was scheduled for 1 March.[28][29]

On 1 March, she appeared in her 3D model for the first time on YouTube during a stream.[30]

On 10 November, hololive's official Twitter account announced that she and Shiranui Flare would get new 2D costumes.[31]

On 12 November, she debuted her third 2D costume, in this costume she wears a black dress with a blue jacket, both the dress and the jacket are decorated with blue ribbons and laces, she wears a black belt with the words: "Sphere" and "Comet," she uses orange socks and black and short black boots.[32]


On 16 January, she reached 700,000 YouTube subscribers during an endurance singing stream.[33]

On 29 January, her YouTube channel was demonetized for unknown reasons, as a result of this she made a redebut stream on 31 January, as part of "hololive Space gen 00" even using her original 2D model before her redesign.[34]

On 26 February, Suisei announced on her Twitter account that her YouTube channel was available for monetization again.[35]

On 16 March, she reached 800,000 YouTube subscribers.

On 13 April, she debuted her fourth original song "GHOST," after revealing it on her live concert "Space for Virtual GHOST."[36]

On 13 May, she reached 900,000 YouTube subscribers. She celebrated it by playing a quiz on Japan's prefectures.[37]

On 25 June, Suisei debuted her fifth original song "Bluerose."[38]

On 26 June, Suisei reached 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers at the beginning of her singing endurance stream, making her the 18th hololive member, as well as the 13th member of hololive JP, to reach this milestone. She is also the second member of the 0th generation to reach it.[39][40]

On 29 September, Suisei released her first album "Still Still Stellar."

On 15 October, hololive's Twitter account announced that Suisei would get her fourth 2D costume.[41]

On 19 October Suisei debuted her fourth 2D costume, similar to her third costume she uses loose her with bun on her left side, in this costume Suisei wear a sailor fuku that comes in two colors white with light blue and the other one dark blue with yellow, decorated with a big ribbon with a multi-layered star, the star is light yellow in both version, Suisei also uses a shocker her dress' skirt has an opening to the left which is light blue on the white variant and gray in the dark blue variant. The costume also comes with a light blue sweater decorated with blue ribbons, laces and stars identical to the one present in her sailor fuku's ribbon. Suisei can also wear a white jacket with cat ears on the jackets's hat, the jacket is dark blue on the inside and also on the sleeves and on the upper part of the pockets, there are also yellow decorations on the left sleeve and on the jackets's zipper. One of the most interestings aspects of this outfit is that Suisei can move her right arm to drink apple juice, she can also uses glasses and even use the beret from her third model.[42]

On 21 October, held her first solo live "Hoshimachi Suisei 1st Solo Live Stellar into the Galaxy" Supported By Bushiroad part of the concert was streamed for free on YouTube, while the full concert was available on the SPWN website.[43]

The concert featured guess singers appearances, with AZKi singing the original song "The Last Frontier" and alongside Inui Toko debuting their original song "OUT OF FRAME."[44][45]

During the live, Suisei also debuted her third 3D costume. This costume is used as both the live concert and her "Still Still Stellar" album illustration. In this costume, Suisei has her hair loose with a bun on the back, and to the right side of her head is a golden crown complemented with dark blue and yellow ribbon, while the left side has various star-shaped accessories. Her outfit is regal in appearance, her blouse consists of white neck and sleeves and blue body. The neck of the blouse is complemented by dark blue collar and shoulder parts, the "medal" that falls from her left side as well as a blue jewel at the center. Under this jewel is a cleavage window where a small dark blue necklace is partially visible. The outfit consists of a light blue blazer jacket and a dark blue shirt underneath, the two parts are put together with star-shaped, golden buttons and laces. The edges of her blouse have holes where golden rings are linked together along with accessories, to her right side is a golden star with a long rope, while the left side is linked to a blue half skirt. This half skirt has three layers, the first one is short and decorated with golden ornaments and under this layer is a golden chain with three golden rope decorations, the second layer is lighter in color and decorated with two golden lines near the edge, the final layer is very long, the inside has starry sky pattern on the gradient from blue at the base to purple at the edge, while on the backside is dark blue with white vertical lines. Both faces are golden on the edge. This accessory is used to make her movements look more dynamic while she dances as Suisei wears dark blue shorts in this costume. The short has a big ribbon belt with only the large bow-tie part partially visible to her right side as it is covered by her blouse. On her left leg she has a leg bracelet and a thigh boot, on her right leg, however, Suisei wears a shoe of the same color, both of them are decorated with stars and the heels are yellow.[46]


On 22 March, during her 4th anniversary 3D live, Suisei debuted her third 2D costume as her fourth 3D costume.[47]

On 10 May, Suisei announced that she would go on a hiatus from streaming to recover her health.[48]

On 12 May, Suisei reached 1 million Twitter followers.


Main page: Hoshimachi Suisei/Discography
Still Still Stellar 1st album 29 September 2021    
  1. "Stellar Stellar"
  3. "Tenkyuu, Suisei wa Yoru wo Mataide" (天球、彗星は夜を跨いで, Her Trail on the Celestial Sphere)
  4. "GHOST"
  5. "bye bye rainy" (バイバイレイニー)
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Hoshimachi Suisei - Still Still Stellar cover.png
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Kakero 4th single 9 July 2021    
  1. "Kakero"
  2. "Tenkyuu, Suisei wa Yoru wo Mataide"
  3. "Kakero" (instrumental)
  4. "Tenkyuu, Suisei wa Yoru wo Mataide" (instrumental)
Hoshimachi Suisei Kakero Cover.png
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  • On 2 August 2021, it was announced that Suisei would appear in merchandize that could be won in Capcom's Net Catcher in two different artworks, six different prizes could be obtained including, mouse pats, acrylic stands and posters.[49]
  • On 1 March 2022, she made an appearance in hololive's collaboration with Tokyo 7th Sisters alongside AZKi and Tokino Sora. A new version of her original songs "The Last Frontier" alongside AZKi and "GHOST" are available in the game.[50]


  • Her fanbase is officially called "Stargazers," while in Japanese they are called "Hoshiyomi" 「星詠み」.


  • Notable units and groups within hololive Suisei is a part of are:


  • Suisei's surname Hoshimachi「星街」can be divided as such.
    • The first kanji「星」can be read as "Hoshi/Sei" that means "star."
    • The second kanji「街」can be read as "Machi/Kai/Gai" which means "city."
    • So her surname can be translated as "City of stars."
    • Suisei occasionally romanizes her last name as "Hosimati," rather than Hoshimachi, which can be seen in her Twitter handle and various online usernames.
  • Considerably multi-talented as she is capable of drawing (her original image was drawn by herself), edit videos, sing, cook and is also a skilled gamer.
  • Suisei lives with her older sister, who is referred to by fans as "Anemachi." Anemachi is extremely attached to Suisei and used to be dependent on her for her cooking skills, but now has turned around and is often cooking for Suisei.
  • She is notably good at playing competitive Tetris.
  • The hashtag #星街すいせい3D (#HoshimachiSuisei3D) became a trending topic worldwide on Twitter when she debuted her 3D model on YouTube.
  • Her birthday and her debut date are the same.
  • A few years before considering being a VTuber, Suisei participated in several auditions for real-life idol agencies, but was rejected due to the "Jack of all trades, Master of none" trait, according to her. This led to her becoming a Virtual Idol, as a way of not giving up on her dream. However, she was already tired of trying by the beginning of 2019 as an indie Virtual Idol (since she worked in an izakaya [Japanese pub], and also had to do the editing of her own videos and other VTubers). Suisei almost gave up, but decided to make one last try. She went to COVER Corp to audition for hololive, but was also rejected, apparently for the same reason as the real-life agencies, since COVER Corp considered that she had many skills (speaking, singing, dancing, drawing and gaming) that could let to failing trying to do everything due to an overload of work. She claims that after receiving rejection e-mail, she e-mailed back seeking for a second chance and is open for suggestion. As a result, hololive replied back to have a second talk; then they told her that she could join, but on the condition of joining INoNaKa Music and focus on music. After more difficulty in INoNaKa Music mostly due to company policy that nearly broke Suisei's heart, she was finally transferred to hololive officially.[51][52][53]
  • On 11 January 2021, Suisei won the 2nd hololive Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament, with 43 points.[54]
  • Suisei popularized the phrase "Hi, honey!" during a Duolingo English learning stream.[55] Although Akai Haato was technically the first to use it, Suisei's endearing delivery of the line, coupled with her recent voice change, has since caused many other members of hololive to repeat it in a similar fashion.[56]

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