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Hyakumantenbara Salome (壱百満天原サロメ) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI. She is the first NIJISANJI solo debutant. She is currently the record holder for being the fastest VTuber to reach 1 million subscribers in just 13 days and a few hours.

Introduction Video



Salome's introduction.


An ordinary woman who longs to be a real lady. Hair and voice tone are both natural.[2]

The self-promotion section on her resume:
"With my cheerful personality and smile, I am confident I can make customers feel comfortable with my service.[1]



On 21 May 2022, NIJISANJI announced the upcoming debut of new Liver.[3][4]

Salome's YouTube channel was created on 18 May 2022, and her Twitter account also created in the same month. Her first tweet was made on 21 May 2022.


Salome made her debut on 24 May 2022 and reached 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel on the same day (about 2 hours after her debut stream started),[5] making her the fastest Liver to reach 100,000 subscribers in NIJISANJI history. By the following day, her debut stream archive took 1st place in YouTube trending and has been viewed for more than 1 million times.

On her debut stream, she showed her certificate of residency, My Number Card, and her resume with all sensitive information being blacked out, leaving only her photo and self-promotion section on her resume viewable. She also showed her gastroscopy images taken 2~3 years ago, which later made the keyword "胃カメラ" (gastrocamera) went trending on Twitter.

Her welcome goods and voice went on sale on the same day.[6]


On 26 May, Salome reached 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[7] Still on the same day over 20 hours later, her YouTube channel reached 300,000 subscribers.[8]

On 28 May, Salome reached 400,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[9]

On 29 May, Salome reached 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel[10]

On 30 May, Salome reached 600,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[11]

On 31 May, Salome reached 700,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[12]

On 1 June, Salome celebrated her channel's monetization.[13]

On 2 June, Salome reached 800,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[14]

On 5 June, Salome reached 900,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[15]

On 7 June, Salome reached 1,000,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel just under 14 days since her debut[16][17] , making her the 3rd NIJISANJI Liver to reach this milestone. She also broke the industry record for being the faster VTuber to reach the milestone by beating Gawr Gura's record of 39 days,[18] as well as the fifth fastest Japanese YouTuber to reach that milestone.[19]

On 8 June, Salome reached 1,100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel[20], putting her the on the 2nd place of NIJISANJI Liver with top subscribers count after Kuzuha who was on 1.3 Million.

On 11 June, Salome reached 1,200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[21]

On 17 June, Salome reached 1,300,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[22]

On 20 June, Salome reached 1,330,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.[23] This effectively made her the most subscribed NIJISANJI Liver, taking over Kuzuha who just reached 1.32 Million subscribers on 17 June 2022.[24]



Fans and Greetings

  • Salome's fans are called "Salomate" (サロメイト, Salomeito).
  • Greetings:
    • Opening: "Ichi-Juu-Hyaku-Sen-Manten Salome!" (壱・十・百・千・満天サロメ!)
    • Ending: "Otsusalome" (おつサロメ).


  • "I am not a lady!!!!!!!!!" (お嬢様ではございませんわ!!!!!!!!!, o-jousama dewa gozaimasen-wa!!!!!!!!!)[27]
  • "Doutodemonare" (どうとでもなれ, whatever/like I care)[28][29]



  • Color: #CD3796 [30]
  • Her dream is to be a perfect lady (100万点のお嬢様, hyakuman-ten no ojou-sama, 1 million point lady).[1]
  • Her fanmarks are 💯 (100 points) and 🦂 (scorpion).
    • In Japanese, "100 points" is "hyaku-ten", or in her case is "1 million points" (hyakuman-ten).
    • There is a scorpion mark on her skin between her collarbones, that she has had since birth.[1]
  • Her resume on debut stream showed that she dropped out of university. She was a hikikomori during middle school and high school, and did not do well at school, making her struggling even more during university before she decided to drop out.[1]

Speech Pattern

  • "Watakushi" is the most polite way of referring to oneself in Japanese, which is also the "posh" way of speaking often used by nobles. She is the fourth NIJISANJI Liver who refers herself using the the word after Tsukino Mito, Kagami Hayato, and Eli Conifer.
  • "~desuwa" is part of yakuwarigo (役割語, role language) of a (noble) lady.
    • On her debut stream, she mentioned that within her family, only she uses "~desuwa", while other family members are speak normally.[1]
    • Very quickly after her debut, various VTubers started making references to her "~desuwa", to the point that it was quickly dubbed by viewers as the "desuwa virus".[31]
  • "O-" is a Japanese honorific prefix which often used for mentioning someone or something respectfully, or in her case, to speak in a generally refined or polite way despite not needed to be used on loanwords.
    • eg.: "O-tabu" (おタブ, windows tab), "O-saachi" (おサーチ, for search), "O-Bio7" (おバイオ7, Biohazard 7), etc.

Personal Preference

  • Hobbies: looking at cute things, piano, violin, horse riding, sleep, cafe-hopping, flower arrangement, and embroidery. But among these, only 3 are her real hobbies and she still does not know how to play violin yet, but she mentioned it because it is a lady-like hobby.[1]
  • Strong subject: Japanese language.[1]

Stream "Errors"

  • Just before her debut stream, she accidentally set up 3 pending streams in a row. She eventually made private 2 videos which both used the same thumbnail image as her debut stream announcement on NIJISANJI Twitter account.
    • The new thumbnail that she chose instead for her debut stream was noticeably low quality and pixelated.
  • At the start of the first stream after her debut, she accidentally downloaded a different game instead of the intended Resident Evil 7. She then closed her stream abruptly before went online again. While waiting for the correct game to finish downloading, she challenged herself on matching Japan's prefecture names with their locations on a blank map of Japan.[32]


  • A part of her last name "hyakuman" means "1 million" in Japanese, which coincidentally made her the first Liver to debut after NIJISANJI YouTube channel passed 1 million subscribers milestone.
  • She is the current record holder for reaching 500 000 subscribers in the shortest amount of time, surpassing the previous recordholder Sakamata Chloe by a few hours. Similarly, she also broke Gawr Gura's record and became the fastest vtuber in the industry to reach such milestone.
  • Salome holds the record for fastest liver from NIJISANJI to reach 100 000, 200 000, 300 000, 400 000, 500 000, 600 000, 700 000, 800 000 and 900 000 and 1 million subscribers.
  • Debut speculations:
    • When her debut was first announced, one of the speculations was that Salome is somewhat related to Kanae because of the "ロメ" ('rome' from Salome) from her name looks like Kanae's name in kanji (叶). On top of that, Kanae had also recently passed 1 million subscribers milestone too.
    • Instead of a new person, fan speculated that she would be the other NIJISANJI Livers, notably Joe Rikiichi or Gilzaren III's alter-ego (especially the former, given both Salome and Kiriko are based on the oujou-sama archetype and the fact that both have drill hair), or even Tazumi Riku (NIJISANJI/ANYCOLOR CEO) himself. Fans also speculated that, from the voice, it could be Debidebi Debiru, Suo Sango, or even the well-known voice actress Yui Horie.
      • Furthering the ties to Kiriko, Salome mentioned in her debut that she once saw a stream about an ojou-sama VTuber who called themselves a lion and was inspired by it.
  • Family members: father, mother, (an imaginary older brother) and herself. But only her mom lives with her.[1]
  • Hair:
    • She curls her hair lightly because her hair is already naturally curly.[1]
    • She uses Dear Beauté HIMAWARI shampoo, because she has sensitive hair. She also uses other hair products.[1]
    • When she was in junior high school, there were time when she hated her hair; it was when she cut it short and all went curly. At that time her hair was dyed black.[1]
  • Despite being afraid of horror games, her first week stream schedule was fully booked to play Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.[33]
  • At the beginning of her stream, she usually does a recap of the event occurred on the previous stream accompanied by a drawing drawn by herself.

Live Chat Etiquette

  • Common VTuber chat etiquette is summarised here: "VTuber Chat Etiquette"
  • Additional rules on Salome's Live Chat that can be found on her YouTube stream description:
    • Keep the chat about Salome and her stream only. Avoid making a conversation with the other listeners.
    • Do not mention Salome's name or use her speech pattern on other VTuber's chat comments.
    • Keep the chat on topic and do not mention other Liver's names.

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