Inuyama Tamaki (犬山たまき) is a male Japanese virtual YouTuber. His creator and voice actress is Tsukudani Norio, a female manga artist most known for her Himegoto series about a young boy who is forced to cross-dress in high school.

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   Tamaki's introduction



  • He is occasionally called "Tamakin", which is Japanese slang for testicles.
  • Tamaki is a close friend of Oda Nobuhime; a Twitter post from one will almost certainly result in a reply from the other.
  • He mentioned that his "Tower of Babel" is up to 18 cm (7 inches) long.
  • According to a stream on 26th June 2020, at the 2:47:11 mark, he apparently has very strong feelings about cool blonde guys. [1]
  • Tamaki made a cameo appearance as a train advertisement in The Ghost Train.

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