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IpoChan was a female Indonesian Virtual YouTuber. She's debuted on 6 June 2018.

Introduction video


【IPO-channel 001】Yuk Ah Kenalan !!【Indonesia Vtuber】

Ipo-chan's introduction.




IpoChan was a moe personification or gijinka of Internet Positif, an Indonesian web filtering service commonly used by major internet service providers in Indonesia, mainly to censor web content the Indonesian government deems inappropriate and/or immoral.

IpoChan was originally revealed in July 2015 by Indonesian doujin circle Spring Roll, albeit her name was spelled Ipo-chan. The character became popular in Indonesia the same month. However, she did not debut as a virtual YouTuber until 6 June 2018.



According to Social Blade statistics, all videos on her channel were privated in July 2021. As of January 2022, her Twitter account has been deleted, but her Instagram remains up.


  • IpoChan has a male version and colleague, known as Ipo-kun. He debuted on her YouTube channel in 2019, and has since appeared in some videos on her YouTube channel other than his introduction video.

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