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IpoChan is a female Indonesian Virtual YouTuber. She's debuted on June 6, 2018.

Introduction video


【IPO-channel 001】Yuk Ah Kenalan !!【Indonesia Vtuber】

  Ipo-chan's introduction.



  • IpoChan is a moe personification of Internet Positif, an Indonesian web filtering service commonly used by major internet service providers in Indonesia, mainly to censor web content the Indonesian government deems inappropriate and/or immoral.
  • IpoChan was originally revealed in July 2015 by Indonesian doujin circle Spring Roll, albeit her name was spelled Ipo-chan. The character became popular in Indonesia the same month. However, she did not debut as a virtual YouTuber until 6 June 2018.
  • IpoChan has a male version and colleague, known as Ipo-kun. He debuted on her YouTube channel in 2019, and has since appeared in some videos on her YouTube channel other than his introduction video.

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