Jayu is a female English/Chinese/German-speaking Virtual YouTuber who started streaming on the 27th of August 2020. She introduced herself as an otaku from the attic, but announced when she reached her affiliate status on Twitch, that she in fact is a magical girl. More infos are supposed to come out in her redebut, which hasn't been set yet.

Cover Song

Dango Cover

Jayu's first song Cover.


  • Jayu is rather loud and clumsy.
  • She likes to play pranks in Minecraft on her teammates, which happened mostly off stream due the Minecraft server being german.


  • Before Jayu started vtubing, she was mainly an artist. Probably most known for her webtoons "Incubus Exam".
  • Jayu started streaming on Twitch on Youtube at the same time until she reached Twitch affiliate.


  • The Fanbase of Jayu does not have an official name, but she does call her viewers "bean" sometimes and the standard role on her Discord is called "bean".


  • On Jayu's first stream she played "Helltaker"
  • Due to Jayu being raised bilingually, she is able to speak German and Chinese fluently, but can't read Chinese.
  • Jayu hasn't played a lot of games, but is open to playing any games. This often results into her panicking in games on stream.
  • Even thought most of her accounts are called jayuhime, she is not a princess.
  • Jayu does make song covers, despite saying she can't sing.

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