Kawasaki Sisters

Naoko Kawasaki (川崎なお子 Kawasaki Naoko) and Yukino Kawasaki (川崎雪乃 Kawasaki Yukino), are female Japanese Virtual YouTubers who debuted on 9 August 2018 and the first on the Yunoki Set along with Yunoki and Ao Nishida, who is Yunoki's younger sister. 

Introduction Video



 Naoko and Yukino's Introduction.


They express with very big gestures during speaking, and also have expressive faces.


Naoko has blue hair and wears a blue ribbon, while her sister Yukino has pink hair and wears a pink ribbon.


  • Naoko is an aliurophobe (someone who has fears towards cats), but this is often forgotten.
  • They sometimes use dirty jokes under the influence of their producer, Naoko Usami.

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