Kazamiya Matsuri (風宮まつり) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber affiliated under Balus.

Introduction Video

-00 風宮まつりYouTube はじめました!【自己紹介】

-00 風宮まつりYouTube はじめました!【自己紹介】

  Matsuri's introduction.


In front of the other workers, she looks like a serious worker taking care of her job, but after work (on screen), she is a full on alcohol lover, always getting drunk as seen on her YouTube videos and live streams and almost all the time. Because of this, she ends up vomiting a lot.



On 27 May, it was announced that Matsuri has joined Balus.[1]


  • Since 12 April 2019, she hosts a monthly variety show in the REALITY app called God Summit (神々さみっと Kamigami Samitto) which is a collaboration with her co-hosts Sakura Miko, Sister Cleaire, and Tenjin Kotone. There are currently five episodes in total, with some of the episodes archived in their respective YouTube channels, with one episode archived in REALITY Studio channel.


  • She is member of Fan-approved unit called Takehana House. Others being Chikuwa, Hizuki Miu, and Minami Nami.
  • She has made a strong relationship with Chikuwa and she often get appear together with Chikuwa (and Note Mama if he joins) either in streams or other events.

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