Kenmochi Toya

Kenmochi Toya (剣持刀也) is a male Japanese Virtual YouTuber and a member of the Nijisanji group.

Introduction Video

剣持刀也 ~初配信と虚空~

剣持刀也 ~初配信と虚空~

  Toya's introduction.


Toya is a sixteen year old high school student. He is a member of the kendo club and is a low-key, serious person. He enjoys watching live streams and was thus inspired to start streaming as well. Since he often gets injured from practicing too hard during training, he always carries around a first aid kit.


Other Virtual YouTubers often refer to him as "Kenmochi Rikiya" due to the similarities between the kanji 刀 (tou) and 力 (riki) in his name.

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