Kimino Miya (キミノミヤ) is a female Japanese / English Virtual YouTuber, part of Japanese Hanjo! Bilingual Vtuber Project by Chukyo TV Broadcasting Co and iDEACLOUD Inc.

She is often joined by Kokon, who is a fox-like animal on a flying cloud, and Ootsuta Eru, her younger sister VTuber.

Introduction Video


MIYA KIMINO -1 Self-introduction

  Miya's introduction.





On 19 March 2019 it was announced that she would become the 1st Aichi Tourism Virtual Supporter.


  • Her catch phrase is "Hanjo hanjo." The Japanese word hanjou (繁盛) means prosperity and is a term associated with beckoning cats. They are the origin of her design.
  • Because her English is so fluent, she is often mistaken for a native speaker and gets complimented for her Japanese skills. In her first live stream, she confirmed that she is in fact Japanese.
  • Many of her subscribers confuse her catch phrase with her name and call her "Hanjo."

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