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This name is written using the Japanese name format; the family name is Kumagai.

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Kumagai Chisato (熊谷ちさと), also known as Beatani (べあたに), is a female independent Japanese Virtual YouTuber.

Previously a 24 year-old average office worker, she was thrown and locked into the internet by her sister. Chisato describes her current job as "gatekeeper of the Internet."

She prefers that her viewers call her Beatani.

Introduction Videos



Beatani's Japanese introduction stream.


-DEBUT-I am Beatani!-Vtuber-

Beatani's EN Debut video.


Beatani can be very straightforward in the way she presents her opinions. She tends to engage in topics with chat regardless of how unusual they are, such as discussing whether slime girls or tentacles are better during her Recettear stream.

Beatani can be easily distracted during stream activities that require her full attention, such as her second drawing stream where a significant amount of time was spent on discussing and doodling the Gondola meme and explaining Japanese slang such as 尊い/tee-tee, thus causing the drawing to not be finished during the stream, and has talked about her ADHD condition. On another occasion, during her first Recettear stream, she stopped during the tutorial to focus on the appeal of the characters appearing in the game multiple times, and discussing Taiyaki facts after playing an unrelated Touhou MAD's music in the background.

Despite this, the mood during her streams can be heartwarming on rare occasions. Although there are instances where messages left by chatters rubbed her the wrong way despite their supportive intent, there are also instances where she voiced her appreciation for the feedback and support she received, such as her birthday stream. During her "MBTI Zatsudan", she gave encouraging advice to an anonymous submitter who voiced his worries about his Japanese skills.

Sometimes, Beatani will deliberately introduce an unusual topic on her own, and go into unnecessary detail about it. An example of this occurred during her Topic-By-Roulette stream, where she stated that she loves Otoko no Ko, going as far as saying that: (1) she wants to get an Otoko no Ko pregnant; (2) she admits that it is not usual for boys to get pregnant, but indicates that getting a boy pregnant would be, therefore, *evidence* that there is a real love; (3) she finds this attractive, going as far as saying that cute boys are better than cute girls ("he's so cute but he's a boy is the reason").

Beatani's favorite season is autumn. She likes cats and dislikes dogs.

Food preferences

Beatani enjoys cooking, and states that she likes just about any dish [5] [6]such as gyoza, ramen, and her mama's croquettes.[7][8]

She likes croquettes among other Japanese dishes.

She likes to breathe in the air of empty Coca-Cola PET bottles, as she finds it "tasty", enough to try it live on stream and recommend her viewers to try it. [9]

Attitude and Temperament

Beatani has claimed that she is very brave and hard to scare, going as far as saying during her Darkwood stream that the game was scared of her, and saying that amusement rides such as rollercoasters are for kiddies[10], and not the other way around. This is despite her numerous displays of fear, including:

while CHKN has shown a Beatani more than eager to berate her NEET "dads" (see the Fans section) in the form of CHKN abominations. She showed a lot of determination when she cleared Touhou in Easy Mode for the first time on stream, and is aiming for the higher difficulties.[11] [12] [13]

While answering an online personality test on stream, she indicated that she completely agreed with the statement "You enjoy watching people argue" [14]. Not only that: her overall MBTI type indicated by the personality test site was ENTP-A, which was described as a "Debater" personality type. [15] A lot of fans inferred that this meant she wanted dads to fight amongst themselves (an idea that was already brought up when she suggested a Super Smash Bros. tournament between dads in the previous zatsudan).

During her プロフ帳/ chismografo-answering stream, she described her temperament as "impatient". [16]

Her motto is "Do it yourself. Anyone can do it."[17][18]

Other quirks, habits and life stores

Beatani has a problem remembering people's faces (a condition know as facial blindness). This has caused her so many problems, that in one occasion she couldn't distinguish her father from other people. She once followed a stranger to the aquarium thinking they were her father. [19]

When Beatani was 18 years old, for a straight week she failed to properly prepare the hot water for her mother's Japanese bath, as she didn't properly close the drain of the tub. Her mother was surprised at her constant failure to prepare her bath, and eventually started wondering if Beatani did that on purpose. She does not like chores since she considers herself a lazy person. She can't do her chores well because she's careless. She was told by hospital personnel that she suffered ADHD, and her doctor recommended her prescription medicine for this condition. Her condition has led her to forget her wallet multiple times.[20]

She does not consider herself a party person, and has not been to a Shibuya Halloween party. Additionally, she finds the assistants to be "cringe normies", although she regrets not being able to see the more erotic costumes in person. [21]

Beatani says she studied at "Corn Potage University," a university where "all of the students can learn how to mix corn potage." In there, she studied economics, and attended a seminar on the "sounds of the Japanese language" as well. She admits that she never attended any class, and that she hated both studying and economics. Instead, she always practiced drawing, took naps on the school benches, went shopping, went to eat cake, or earned money in her part-time job. [22] Her part time jobs included:

  • tutor at a cram school
  • flower shop clerk
  • cafe clerk
  • cellphone salesperson

When she studied at "Corn Potage" university, she failed to obtain a scholarship because she didn't take any of the exams she was supposed to take, since she wanted to study drawing instead. Beatani then realized she could obtain a scholarship if she got diagnosed with a disorder or disability. Beatani went to get diagnosed for her ADHD; previously, she only believed she suffered from ADHD because of her mother constantly blaming it for Beatani's problems. Thus, after getting diagnosed with ADHD, she was able to claim a scholarship. [23] Additionally, she feels certain that her dad is afflicted with the same disorder.

Beatani has a recurring dream where her teeth fall out. [24]

In the stream "Well, Is this the power of ADHD? ;o;", she explained three additional habits or tics of hers:

  • feeling an urge to run aimlessly without no apparent provocation,
  • failing to wash her face at the washstand without getting her clothes wet,
  • sleeping in fetal position while most of her body is wrapped in a blanket, a style which she calls "cocoon style", and resembles the Japanese trend called "otonamaki"
  • holding her chopsticks unusually, by holding the top chopstick under her index finger and resting it on top of her middle finger; she says her friends find it rude, and that it's one of the social norms she doesn't quite understand.

Beatani has talked about a previous job in the past in a field related to land development, and has talked about buying land from the yakuza. [25]

Interest in Otaku and Internet Culture

Beatani is very open about her otaku interests. She is a fan of RPGs, Popolocrois being her favorite [26] [27], and does not shy away from more niche genres as seen in her Touhou & CHKN streams. Many of her jokes come from, or are related to, otaku culture.

Beatani has a sense of humor which is also based on Japanese meme culture [28] [29], including Japanese flash video culture [30]. She's happy to share information about traditional Japanese culture and Japanese internet culture with her audience [31]; she also likes to learn about western Internet culture from her audience. [32]

Despite the NEET memery, she does wish her fans to have work. She also takes pride in being an otaku bear that never exercises.[33]. After less than 30 minutes, she was already asking if she could stop playing RFA (her overall playing time was an hour). [34]

“But I love nukumority. Nukumority is important for me.”[35]

“If my dream has came true, I could hear that a famos [sic] phrase by [Hiroyuki]

But I don't have anything what I wanna say him...

I wanna just talk to him, there is no topic to do” [36]

Familiarity With Western or English-Speaking Culture

Before streaming, Beatani only studied English in middle school and high school for 6 years. [37]

Although she's been previously set back by not knowing English well enough[38][39], She has a surprisingly good grasp of the language, and is continuing to improve her English skills. She appreciates corrections. [40] Beatani's streams are often an opportunity for her to learn about modern Western culture, including fads such as pet rocks.[41]

Creative Hobbies and Interest in Music

Beatani enjoys creative activities like drawing, but dislikes sports. Her hobbies include making music [42].

She's familiar with classic rock and classic rock drummers such as 'Keith Moon' and John Bonham. She was into punk music and she's fond of old-school alternative rock music [43] [44][45]. In one occasion, she started singing along Pixies music, while her fans warned her of the impending copyright strike unless she stopped. [46] She has mentioned liking the following bands and artists:

In addition to composing music as a hobby, Beatani practiced piano in her childhood; additionally, she can play guitar a bit and drums as well. [47] She would like her live model to dance in 3D some day.[48]

Additionally, during her "Vtubers have the right to be in love" stream, she outlined her hobbies as follows: [49]

  • Streaming
  • Writing songs
  • Drawing
  • Reading books (comics)
  • Playing video games
  • Watching Spurdo videos
A profile card with answers handwritten on top, with fields such as "Name" and "My interests are...", and a couple of drawings, both by Beatani.

Beatani's "chismgrafo", which she filled out during her stream "[JSが大好きプロフ帳かいた/] Vtubers have the right to be in love" (Click to expand)

Profile and Events

Beatani is a 25 year-old polar bear that used to be an average office worker, until her sister, Chihiro, threw her into the internet on October 2019 as a result of a fight and trapped her in there. She mentions circumstances similar to those of the game Myst[50]. After that, she started living on the "XP hills" (for reasons she herself doesn't know), a term she uses to refer to the hills that appear in the default Windows XP background picture, Bliss.

One of Beatani's goals is to escape the internet after reconciling with her sister. Her other goals are to get 1000 friends, and have a talk with Hiroyuki of 2channel fame.

This is a transcript from her introduction video, 「姉が小石と小石チョコの食べ比べをしています」:

“Hello! I am Kumagai Chisato. I was supposed to be an ordinary office worker... but I had a fight with my sister, who possessed unusual technology, and because of that I was trapped in the internet. I was locked in an alternate dimension because of this fight with my sister. It's a situation similar to that famous mystery-solving game Myst! Since then, I've been drifting along the seas of the internet... and it's been really lonely!! Ahh, this is a painful part of my virtual existence. Because of that, for the sake of making friends, I've decided to become a VTuber! If it's possible, I want to play with (you), the viewer! If it's okay to be friends... because my surname is Kumagai, please call me Beatani!”[51]



Beatani introduces herself, and watches her sister's video letter with the viewer.
(Translation available in

Recurring Characters

A collage of black-and-white chibi depictions of Beatani's channel's characters

Beatani's depiction of her channel's recurring characters. Retrieved from

  • Kumagai Chihiro.
  • Listener-chan.
  • Remote kid.
  • Kaniko, a character that behaves like a stereotype of seiso idols [52]. Her Live2D model is Hiyori Momose, one of the models included in the Live2D Sample Model Collection, illustrated by Kani Biimu.[53]
  • Hobo dad / Homeless dad, a fan of Beatani that has been seen advertising Beatani's channel outside of Kinshichō Station.[54]

Relationship With Chihiro

A drawing of Chihiro spreading her arms and legs, forming an X-pose.

A drawing of Chihiro, as she appears in【自己紹介】新人Vtuber熊谷ちさとです!姉が小石と小石チョコの食べ比べをしています……【他己(姉)紹介】

Chihiro is kind enough to keep in touch with Beatani sometimes, even sending a video letter once, despite the fight between them. However, Beatani's feelings toward Chihiro are ambivalent.

BEATANI SISTERS, Beatani's art for her merch, inspired by Sonic Youth's "Goo" cover art, featuring both black-and-white Beatani at the front and Chihiro at the back, with Beatani's "even though you're a NEET" lyrics printed on the right.

BEATANI SISTERS, Beatani's art for her merch, inspired by Sonic Youth's "Goo" cover art.

Although one of her goals is to reconcile with Chihiro, Beatani shows little remorse in transforming her sister into a monster in CHKN, which died somewhat quickly after Beatani failed to protect her.[55]

She thinks that her sister is mean, and that she should be kicked out if Beatani has to live with her.[56]

“MY SISTER IS A DEVIL. NEVER FORGIVE HER” - Beatani, 09/04/2021. [57] [58]

“Me and my sister are good friends.” - Beatani, 09/04/2021. [59]

Berating Fans

Beatani can also enjoy teasing and scolding her fans.[60] The following are instances of Beatani claiming she has a boyfriend.

Slay the Spire Dating Arc

In Beatani's very first stream she goes on a date with Defect by making him jealous by spending time with Ironclad and Silent. [61] After this stream Beatani had six more Slay the Spire date streams primarily with Defect.

Teddy Arc

In her first drawing stream, she drew a Teddy Bear at her picnic and introduced him as her "boyfriend". She started describing him as a sweet, cool, funny, and cute NEET. [62] It's worth noting that, previous to this stream, she had been suggesting that her fans were not being loyal to her. [63] [64]

Too Many Waifus to Count Arc


Kumagai Chisato says the Louise Copypasta

As a way of teasing her fans, she also mentioned that her first love was Rabi En Rosu from Di Gi Charat -- Beatani's heart was pounding so much, yet her younger self didn't understand what was happening or what she was feeling. [65]. Since then, her other love interests include: Suiseiseki, Faris Nyannyan, Eri Sawachika, and Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere. This event was dubbed by fans as the "Gosling massacre."

Takuya-kun Arc

In an attempt to taunt her fans, she claimed, likely jokingly, to have a boyfriend called Takuya, an ikemen with whom she has LINE calls every morning (except during the stream, because Takuya was living with her at the time).

“The only person I want to keep in touch with is my boyfriend. And my boyfriend is using LINE. It is not necessary for me to use Discord. My boyfriend doesn't use Discord. So, yes, my boyfriend, yes yes... why? I'm a 24-year old normal girl. Everyday, I use Line to contact with my boyfriend. Only my boyfriend. I'm popular among Japanese boys, so I get messages, *everyday*." *Searches for the LINE Ringtone and plays it on stream* "This is the ringtone of LINE. I hear this sound everyday, in the morning. My boyfriend is calling me at morning and evening to say 'good morning, ohayou, Chisato' ... and 'oyasumi, Chisato!'”[66]

Her affair with Takuya-kun was short-lived. He was defeated in the same same stream he was introduced in during a CHKN battle. [67] She already hated Takuya by the next stream. [68]

Listener-chan Inception Arc

Collage showing black-and-white oekaki of different archetypes of Listeners

Collage showing black-and-white oekaki of different archetypes of Listeners. Fan translation retweeted by Beatani available at

Beatani's drawing of Listener-tan drawing her hands near her chest, expressing her appreciation of Beatani and her streams, despite her embarrassment in doing so.

Beatani's depiction of Listener-chan

After a series of Tweets where she indicated that she wanted to "impregnate Listener-chan", Beatani unveiled her art of Listener-chan, an embodiment of her fanbase including its traits.

Listener-chan is depicted as a shy-looking, black-haired girl that is embarrassed of speaking up, and always has a great time whenever Beatani streams. [69] [70]

Beatani has used the Listener-chan character to portray what she perceives to be the different types and attitudes of her fans, such as the "shy" Listener type and the "overprotective" Listener type. Additionally, a Listener-chan Twitter account exists which occassionally reposts messages by fans that fit one of the Listener archetypes.

too fast megameltdown 対 Arc, Punishment Stream, On-Stream DM Reveals

During her too fast RPG stream, Beatani joked about being in a cheerful mood due to her intimate encounters with her "friends with benefits," and joked that she'd never have that kind of relationship with her fans because of them being "kimoota", causing a lot of banter between her and chat. She explained at the end of that stream that her constant jokes were meant to protect her fans that were most attached to her. [71] [72] [73]

Her next stream was a "punishment stream", where she explained that that behavior was due to depression induced by mixing alcohol and medication. In this punishment stream she showed two different Twitter direct messages that she did not appreciate (one asking her for details on her membership plan, and another one about Discord) and expressed her annoyance at other fans who sent "cringe" and long direct messages out of concern. [74]

In another stream, she showed a posterior "good DM", where the sender said he bartered his "Good Boy Points" with his "Bitchmommy" to obtain a membership, in anticipation for her upcoming Among Us games with fans. She then proceeded to show one of his drawings which featured Beatani and Barrack Obama together in a hill (presumably XP Hill), which she called "cute" and gave her feelings of worry and nukumori. [75] (This same person would go on to submit a photo for the Breakfast Contest which featured a room strewn with Coca Cola bottles and other litter, leading Beatani to comment on how she liked tasting the air of empty Coca Cola PET bottles. [76])

Remote Kid Inception Arc

Beatani's depiction of "Remote Kid" as a furry creature, and a speech bubble with the words "I'm remote kid and what is reps"

Beatani's depiction of "Remote Kid" as a furry creature. Retrieved from

"Remote Kid" is a term that refers to a fan whose DM to Beatani was shown on stream, wherein he asked for details about her lowest-tier membership plan which were already available on her channel, prompting her to ask on-stream why he asked something that he could figure out on his own, and whether he thought his time was more valuable than hers. [77]

He became an established character of her stream briefly after this. During her "World Breakfast Contest", she displayed his submission (which consisted of a stock picture of a steamed rice cake, plus a brief explanation of how it's prepared), while laughing due to his submission and at the fact that he couldn't assist her stream due to homework (despite being 27 years old at the time). [78]

First Birthday Stream

Beatani held a breakfast contest where she ranked the pictures and descriptions of breakfasts submitted by fans and presented all the entires in her first birthday stream. At the same time, she held a "fashion" contest consisting of illustrations submitted by fans for a dating scenario, and similarly, the entries were showcased in the next stream. In the following stream, she displayed birthday gifts presented by members of her audience in the forms of Happy Birthday recordings in multiple languages, a creative mosaic re-drawing of the Windows XP's Bliss background image, and a card with an arrangement of multiple Happy Birthday messages from members of her audience.

Kissless kemono friend arc

During her "cute line for punishment" stream, she suspected that she had the most "degenerate" fetish when compared to her fans' fetishes. [79] The fetish was revealed to be kemono characters during her stream "[性癖暴露/My fetishism] give me vanilla ice cream, save me from the hell". [80] During this same stream, she revealed an odd dating plan, and that she did not understand how to realistically proceed in romantic dates, nor when intimate moments were supposed to happen. [81] The next stream was a pseudodate on Google Maps, simulating a walk around Japanese-subculture spots in Nakano.



Both her YouTube and Twitter accounts were created on January 2021. Her YouTube channel shows activity as early as 10/02/2021, and a proper self-introduction stream was broadcast on 27/02/2021.

March 6th, 2021 marks the date when Beatani expanded her following by advertising overseas, and a debut for English-speaking audiences (a summarized version of her self-introduction from the previous month) was released. As explained in a posterior zatsudan, although she planned to do English videos, she didn't originally plan to do the streams themselves in English. [82]

Channel milestones and celebration streams


Beatani announced on 29/03/2021 that she could open her YouTube membership [83], and enabled membership at the same time as her celebration stream "[祝!monetization]OPEN MEMBERSHIP & SING A LITTLE". [84] She was surprised, as she did not expect more than 10 people to become members, and much more people than that joined.


Beatani submits drawings to her Twitter account, and has done zatsudan streams where she has drawn a hill picnic and a portrayal of Listener-chan in her room. She has a Pixiv account, but as of 06/09/2021, it only has one illustration.

Beatani's drawing style is inspired by the COMITIA doujin group 模造クリスタル (Mouzou Crystal) (which authored 金魚王国の崩壊 (Destruction of the Goldfish Kingdom) and ミッションちゃんの大冒険 (Mission-chan's Adventure)) [85] as well as 派手な看護婦 (Hadena Kangofu), A.K.A. "Hadekan", [86]


Beatani being jealous because dad is seeing other girls

Fan Name

When Beatani was asked how to call her fans, she had to think of a name, and proposed calling her fans Friends, BeaTomo, BeaFriends, or Sentries. [87] Beatani ran a twitter poll between the last 3 names and Sentries won. [88] The next day Beatani decided that she would call her fans Sentries. [89] As Beatani's content shifted away from Slay the Spire and as she gained a large amount of new fans the usage of this name stopped. Eventually, Beatani said that she considers her fans to be family, and she mostly refers to them as dads; her "fan-family" also includes moms, brothers and sisters. [90]

Her Listener-chan character also represents her fanbase.

“Hai. This is my oshi. Too cute! I want to marry her. Kawaii ne. Kawaii ne. [...] I want to get [Listener-chan] pregnant. Yes, this is my wife. [...] Making baby with listener-san. [...] If Listener-chan gets pregnant, yeah, she won't be able to [have an] affair. She couldn't cheat on others.”[91]


The following is a list of terms coined by the community, or uncommon Japanese terms outside of the English-speaking community that are used in streams.

Oil Balon

Refers to the highest tier of memberships for her YouTube channel. Also term that stems from Beatani misspelling the name of what should have been the Oil Baron membership tier. She has occasionally mentioned that this membership tier was simply meant to be a joke, and that she does not think it's a good idea to join this membership tier. [92]

Gray / Green

Gray is a euphemism for chatters that are not members of any tier of her YouTube channel. It references the green and gray colors that are displayed in YouTube chat's usernames to distinguish between members and non-members of her channel. [93]

Oil Baron

References members of the community that donate high amounts of money to Beatani; it's been part of the chat's lingo ever since it was included as the highest of the initial membership tiers. [94] (For the membership tier itself, see Oil Balon)

Otoko no Ko

男の娘 is a Japanese term derived from the word 男の子, and is used to refer to males with female qualities such as appearance or mannerisms.

Amazon Wish Card / Amazon Spell Card

An alternative name for "spell cards" in the Touhou games. It is also a reference to Beatani's Amazon Wish List. [95]


Can be roughly translated as "(of a) different mind", and means "lunatic". Beatani introduced this term so that she could clarify the meaning of another word that the fans were already using, "menhera." [96]

Canned Water / Funny Water

A euphemism that Beatani started to use to refer to alcoholic beverages (particularly beer). [97] Strong Zero is one of the beverages that Beatani has mentioned often.


A variation of "muzukashiful", it's meant to be used the same way as the Japanese 'hazukashi' (in embarrassing situations, or in case the speaker can't bring themselves to carry out an action). [98] [99]

Wiki / Wikianons

Refers to this wiki article and its editors. Can be used in the phrase "wiki anons, write this down!" in response to oddly-specific details revealed by Beatani about her personality or life. [100]


It's a variation of the term 'muzukashi', and it's meant to be used in the same way (for difficult situations).

Emote Kid

The name of the lowest tier of the initial YouTube membership tiers. It references the conception that some members simply want access to custom YouTube emotes.


  • "Ohadayo! I'm Kumagai Chisato." [101] (At the start of each stream [102])
  • "Dads and moms and brothers and sisters." (Addressing her viewers)
  • "Dad! You should (x)!" (Urging her viewers to do something or behave a certain way)
  • "I may be 'Kumagai', but you can call me 'Bear-tani'." [103]
  • "What's wrong with you?" [104]
  • "Who is you?" [105]
  • "I want to peropero kawaii girls." [106]
  • "Are you kidding me?" [107]
  • "You are very wise." (When listener-san says something wise.) [108]


  • "It's not surprising that you need practice to use an unfamiliar tool. Imagine if you were a baby; it takes about five years for you to learn to speak. You are baby in japanese. It takes about five years for a baby to learn to speak. babu? My dad becomes baby [...] Yah. So language is just a tool. You should practice more and more. Practice practice practice. And I think language is just a tool. So the most important thing is not to use a tool well [...] the most important thing is, what you want to say! Not to use the language well. Take care of the feelings. It's the most important thing." [109]
  • "What do you mean? Nonsense. This person is baka! Foolish question! Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Baka question... Yah-yah-yah, he's baka, he's baka. You're baka, baka, baakabaaaaka, baaka... baka-sugii, baka baaaka... kuso-baka nandesukedo [...]" [110]
  • "NTR? Boku wo netoreta? Mika is not my girlfriend? Why? Why? Is she bitch? Son of a bitch. I should kill you Mika; I can't forgive you. I, I want to use Plate Shard and I want to stab you. I hate you, I hate you. I dislike this bitch. I *dislike* this girl... 'Beatani your meds?' No! Meds away. Kusuri away.[...]" [111]
  • "If I could make [Listener-chan] pregnant, she couldn't cheat on others. Okay? Hmmm? Preg-nant. Yes, so, I need ochinchin. Mmm? Boku niwa ochinchin ga hitsuyou desu. I need ochinchin. Is this dangerous? Moshikashite, YouTube will ban me? Is it okay ja nai no? [...] I just talk about my oshi." [112]
  • "えぇぇぇ、生意気なんですけどこいつぅ、な、こいつ生意気じゃねか、生意気って -- [starts typing, presumably looking translations up] 生意気子! [Reads along with TTS voice] saucy, cheeky, conceited, brazen, audacious, impertinent, cheeky, shota boy, eh, eh. [...] Hey, don't underestimate my energy. Shota boy. Cheeky shota boy. Don't underestimate my energy. I never give up. [...] 僕の子宮をお前に移植する。 I'll transplant my womb into you. I can't forgive you. Never." [113]


  • She has shown an addiction to Slay the Spire. According to her calculations, she played the game for up to 40 hours in the span of one week. [114] When she used to play this game, she couldn't focus on anything else, going as far as saying that the game "ruined her life" and that she's glad that she could "escape the Slay the Spire arc." [115]
  • Her hair's color is based on the hair of Touhou's Youmu Konpaku (her favorite Touhou character). [116] [117]
  • She designed and rigged her Live 2D model herself.[118]
  • She designed her own outro BGM, although it has seen very little use since her debut video.
  • Her background picture is Bliss, the default background picture used in the Windows XP operating system.
  • Her Beatani nickname is based on an alternative reading of the characters that compose her surname.[119] [120]
  • She can impersonate Kirby [121] [122], and Toad.[123]
  • Her favorite gun is Mami's musket from Madoka Magica. [124]
  • Fans like to speculate (perhaps jokingly) that she's 'gyaru'. She denies being a gyaru, but she doesn't dislike gyaru.[125]
  • During an Omori stream, she mistakenly said she was 155 "meters" (as opposed to 155 centimeters), and mentioned her difficulties with the imperial system. Chat corrected her, and then she immediately corrected herself, but it's a running joke among her fans now. [126]
  • Her favorite actress is Fukada Kyoko (A.K.A Fukakyon).[127]
  • She has stated in repeated occasions that she wants to visit the Netherlands the most, and try weed, as well as visit Finland, despite it being a "fantasy no kuni" (a reference to a meme that suggests that Finland is not a real country). As of 2021/04/22, she has not travelled abroad.[128][129]

“[Hololive] need to get off the Duolingo to learn properly. Duolingo is fucking... fucking, mmm... no, Duolingo is very good... good lesson, yeah! Very funny game, Duolingo, yo! Duolingo wa sugoi tanoshii gēmu dayo.” [130]

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