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Kwite is an American YouTuber who does commentary videos, similar to Pyrocynical and WildSpartanz. He debuted his vtuber model on February 2021.


Kwite is known for is sarcastic and indifferent demeanor. He will often make jokes and witty remarks on stream, as well as banter with their chat.


He is noted to be quite small in stature, as she has no legs. He has pretty thick eyebrows, and wears a surgeon mask, a pair of sunglasses, and a green hoodie.

His new 3D model can move his arms and make hand motions, and painted with green nail polish.


Kwite is presumed to be located within a "Box" that whenever he speaks ill of it, gets angry. It also is said that she does not have legs and the legs that are seen in any videos with them in them are prosthetics. It is said that The Box changes form whenever they get into an argument, fight, etc. He claims to be a sentient hoodie, the last of his kind, as reasoning for them to remain anonymous. He has a video with the title "Face Reveal" that canonically proves Kwite has no face 'under the mask'. He says that the mask is a part of them and there is nothing else to see.



He created his YouTube channel on December 2nd, 2012.


She debuted his vtuber model on 8 February 2021 on Twitch.


On 22 February, Orion[1] posted a twitlonger about their experiences with Kwite. In short saying that he accuses Kwite of allegedly emotionally abusing, calling him slurs, using his dead name, and gaslit him into silence.[2]

On 11 March, Kwite released a Video telling his side of the story. Where he picks apart everything he was being accused of in a precise comprehensive way that goes into deep personal detail. Describing the relationship they had with the alleged victim and how that person forced him into uncomfortable situations, saying their own fair share of racial comments, and other unsavory remarks that were supposed to be taken as jokes. Kwite even manages to gather many pieces of evidence she was able to gather over the years that this ordeal has been going on in order to prove his innocence. Which can be viewed here.

At the end of his response video, he said he was going on a hiatus and he doesn't know if he is going to come back. He returned on September 30.

They debuted a new 3D model on stream.


  • His eyebrows are taller than he is
  • She often remarks that he has no legs and that he is a "Floating Hoodie"
  • He is half-Filipino and half-American
  • She uses He/They/She pronouns and is bisexual

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