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Lee Roha (이로하) is a female Korean Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI's Korean branch, NIJISANJI KR, debuting as part of its third wave, along with Nun Bora and Akira Ray, forming the trio known as "Purple Tone" (音色は紫, Neiro wa murasaki).

Introduction Video


【初配信】NIJISANJI KR 소속 라이버 이로하(イロハ)라고해요*'-'*

Roha's introduction.


Roha is a half-Japanese and half-Korean that is born in Korea but grew up in Japan. She spent her school days in Japan because of her parent's business problems. However, Roha wanted to learn more about Korean culture. So, she went to college in Korea and visited her parents' house during the vacations. She was cast in NIJISANJI not long after, and her dream and goal is to become a space idol.[1]




Lee Roha created her YouTube Channel on 30 July 2020, and made her Debut on 7 August 2020 along with the rest of NIJISANJI KR's third wave.


On 7 April, Roha announced on her Twitter account that she would no longer continue doing her Midnight Piano Streams due to personal reasons. All previous piano streams before would be moved to member's only and on the same day,[2] she streamed her final Midnight Piano stream.[3]


  • On 3 February 2021, Roha participated in the NIJISANJI-wide "NIJIYANJI" event. [4]


  • Roha's fans are called "Proha"
    • Whenever Roha starts her stream, she would first greet the viewers and her fans with "こんろは!" (콘로하, konroha) which is Roha's way of saying "hello", and when she decides that she will end the stream, she would greet them with "ぴょん" (pyon), "おじゃましましろは" (ojamashiroha), and "おつろは" (otsuroha).


  • She shares the same illustrator as hololive's Shishiro Botan.
  • Notable units within NIJISANJI:
    • "音色は紫" (Neiro wa Murasaki, Purple tone) - Lee Roha, Nun Bora, and Akira Ray. These three are debut-mates.
  • Color: #FF2649 [1]
  • Roha's hobbies are: Flower arranging, and visiting art/music exhibitions.
  • Roha is very skilled in Piano, and said that she started learning to play the instrument at just 5 years-old. regularly streams herself playing piano on Tuesdays, these streams are called Roha's Midnight Piano streams where she plays a couple of pieces on the piano along with fan requests from the livechat. She even provides 3D Piano ASMR Videos.
    • Roha's piano streams were very special, where in you can actually see the piano in 3D and the keys she is playing through syncing her electronic piano with MIDI, to Unity, and then to blender. This is type of playing is what she called as "Half 3D" and is the first of it's kind. This is all streamed live.
    • Hitting a specific note on the piano causes a Stand from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to appear. This is the note used in Il Vento D'oro, which she plays quite often, often switching to playing it quite suddenly while playing another song.
    • She rigged 3D piano for her Half 3D piano streams by herself[5].
  • Preferences:
    • Likes: red pickled ginger, burdock, pepper, and sesame.
    • Dislikes: properly prepared dishes, unbalanced dishes, and food with internal organs.
  • Her bust size is H cup.[6]

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