Lee Shion (リー紫音シオン, Pinyin: Lǐ Zǐyīn) is a Virtual (Hamster) YouTuber who debuted on 14 May 2018.

Introduction Video



Lee Shion's introduction video (2018).


She is said to be a hamster who took YouTube as a platform to expand the Hamster Cult (ハム教).

She often speaks in a sort of deadpan manner, even when excited.

She loves sleeping, eating, singing, and playing games. She also loves joking around. Her favorite foods are seasoned seaweed, sunflower seed and potato chips.

She is not afraid of horror games at all.[3]


  • She was born in England and raised in Hong Kong; she now lives in Japan.
  • Shion speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and Japanese.
  • She is known to be a close friend of Erika-Chan, who is also a Virtual YouTuber.
    • She is also friends with another fellow VTuber Kaheru who is a moderator on her channel.
  • She is known to love potato chips so much that you can hear her crunching potato chips in her livestream.
  • She released a shimeji — a small computer program that creates a cute character that interacts with/on the user's screen — called Nanoda-chan which is a SD version of her.
  • Nanoda-chan has been made into a plushie. It can be seen in her video thumbnails.
  • One of her most famous and common thumbnails in her youtube videos is an omurice plate that is arranged to depict a chibi-fied sleeping Shion using an omulette as a blanket.


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