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Lee Siu (이시우) is a Korean female Virtual YouTuber affiliated with Nijisanji KR as the second generation alongside So Nagi and Chae Ara.

She is an unemployed person in the room who enjoys the game.[1]

Introduction Video


【신인등장】이시우 첫방송인거에요.

Siu's Introduction.


Lee Siu seems to be a calm person and doesn't talk much. When playing the game, she is more focused on the goal of the game itself rather than overreacting like yelling or making a lot of unnecessary comments.



Lee Siu made her Youtube account on 14 May 2020 and made her debut on 22 May 2020 as a part of Nijisanji KR's second wave of Vtubers alongside Chae Ara, and So Nagi. The three are Nijisanji KR's second wave livers and are called "嵐ウナギ" (Arashi Unagi).


  • On 3 February 2021, Siu participated in the Nijisanji-wide "NIJIYANJI" event.[2]


  • Her fans are called: "ShuShu" (슈슈)


  • Notable units within Nijisanji:
    • "嵐ウナギ" (Arashi Unagi) - Chae Ara, Lee Siu and So Nagi. These three debuted together.
  • Color: #82182B [1]
  • Siu shares the same designer with Shirakami Fubuki: Nagishiro Mito. In fact, both of them are twins because they are both foxes. However, rarely did anyone notice.

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