This is a list of minor VTubers, who (at the time of their addition to this wiki) haven't yet been deemed notable enough for the creation of an individual page.

Current notability standard (may change in the future)

For reference, as of February 2019, there are ~7000 VTubers, a good majority (~95%) whose country of activity is Japan/primary language is Japanese. The most popular Japanese VTuber (Kizuna Ai) has 2400k+ subscribers. The second most popular language seems to be English, where the most popular VTuber (Kimino Miya, dual and fluent Japanese/English) has 150k+ subscribers, so 1/16th the amount.

VTubers whose primary language is Japanese only: >2000 subscribers on any video service to be considered notable. According to Userlocal's ranking, this would mean that ~1000 VTubers qualify, which is a number of articles that our wiki should be able to manage with the current number of contributors.

VTubers whose primary language(s) includes non-Japanese: >500 subscribers on any video service to be considered notable. This would be <400 VTubers.

For any VTubers that don't achieve the above criteria, if they don't currently have an individual page on the wiki, please add them to the list below, in Alphabetical order based on the English transcription of their name. If they currently have an individual page on the wiki, the Admins will decide on a case-by-case basis.

Note: for quick addition, every piece of information below should be easy to find within seconds, without requiring investigation. (E.g. whether a VTuber is still active or not may require investigation of posts on multiple services/posting trends and therefore that information is not a primary column - retired VTubers can be noted in the "notes" column).

Minor VTubers


Name (Eng + orig) Lang(s) YouTube NicoNico / Twitch / TikTok Twitter Subs/date Notes / Other
@lphaMAX ENG alphaMAX N/A @lphaMAX - @lphaMAX 04 / Feb 2019
Aisu Uchibi
Aisu Uchibi FR / ENG Aisu Uchibi N/A

Aisu_Uchibi -  Aisu Uchibi           

62 / Jun 2020 VTuber and aspiring FR VWriter
DJ RIO Portrait
DJ RIO / Eiji JPN DJ RIO N/A @eijiaraki - Eiji / DJ RIO 1893 / NOV 2018 VTuber endorsed by WFLE
Eru Kira Portrait
Eru Kira (えるきら) JPN えるきらチャンネル N/A @EruKiraVSGundam - えるきら 🐵ば〜ちゃるがんだまー 1870 / Jul 2018
Hakanai Kiki banner cropped
Hakanai Kiki (儚キキ) JPN 儚キキ N/A @hakanaikiki_ch (deleted) 734 / Aug 2020 Official website (deadlink)
Hazuki Mofu
Hazuki Mofu ENG mofufu_ch mofufu_ch (Twitch) @mofufu_ch - mofu 🍡vtuber 41 / Apr 2020
Poniko profile pic
Hizume Poniko (蹄ぽに子) JPN 蹄ぽに子 N/A @hizumeponico 577 / Aug 2020 horse racing VTuber
Honoka Kaori Portrait
Honoka Kaori (ほのかかおり) JPN かおりちゃんねる N/A @honokakaori0427 - ほのかかおり@保健室でvtuber 1314 / Jun 2018
Hot Calc
Hot Calc ENG Hot Calc N/A @HotCalc - Hot Calc 33 / Apr 2020
Inari Kana Portrait
Inari Kana IDN Inari Kana N/A @InariKana - InariKana 31 / Mar 2019 Inari Kana (Facebook)
Kadukununu ENG Kadukununu Twitch @kadukununu 149 / Mar 2020
Kirke Trismegistus
Kirke Trismegistus ENG Kirke Trismegistus N/A @KTrismegistus - Kirke Trismegistus 76 / Apr 2020
Kurokawa Yuumu Portrait
Kurokawa Yuumu (黒川幽夢) ENG / JPN / CN 黒川幽夢 Vtuberチャンネル N/A @Vtuberkawayuumu - Kurokawa Presents⇔Vtuber準備中 70 / Oct 2018
Kurone Urara Portrait
Kurone Urara (黒音うらら) JPN 黒音うらら N/A @kurone_urara - 黒音うらら 1878 / Aug 2018 VTuber endorsed by ZIG, No new content since 9 September 2019.
Mælchiot ENG Maelchiot melly_the_skelly (Twitch) @MaelchiotVtuber - Mælchiot 139 / Apr 2020
Mekirin minor
Mekirin ENG Mekirin MKN_Mekirin (Twitch) @MKN_Mekirin - Mekirin 171 / Apr 2020
Mojoka Portrait
Mojoka (もじょか) JPN Unveiled Japan @ojamojo_sisters - おじゃもじょ三姉妹@Vtuber (TikTok) @mojo_sisters - おじゃもじょ三姉妹@Vtuber 29 / Oct 2018 Japanese Version of Unveiled channel (WatchMojo Group)
Mojoko Portrait
Mojoko (もじょこ) JPN MojoPlays Japan @ojamojo_sisters - おじゃもじょ三姉妹@Vtuber (TikTok) @mojo_sisters - おじゃもじょ三姉妹@Vtuber 112 / Oct 2018 Japanese Version of MojoPlays channel (WatchMojo Group)
Mojomi Portrait
Mojomi (もじょみ) JPN MsMojo Japan @ojamojo_sisters - おじゃもじょ三姉妹@Vtuber (TikTok) @mojo_sisters - おじゃもじょ三姉妹@Vtuber 88 / Oct 2018 Japanese Version of MsMojo channel (WatchMojo Group)
Musubime Yui Portrait
Musubime Yui (結目ユイ) JPN YuiTube N/A @musubimeyui - 結目ユイ 🍸(美少女) 1868 / Nov 2018 VTuber endorsed by AVATAR2.0, No videos on YouTube Channel, active on Twitter
Tak berjudul13
Nadyachii IND Nadyachii -2DVtuber- N/A N/A 144 / Feb 2020
Nanasaki Koharu Happy Radio
Nanasaki Koharu (七咲小春) JPN 七咲小春 N/A @koharu_nanasaki (deleted) 1.42k / August 2020 last upload 27 December 2018
Nate Micro Portrait
Nate Micro ENG N/A NateMicro (Twitch) @NateMicro - Nate Micro - マイクロネイト 95 / Dec 2018
Neo Trinity
NEO Trinity ENG NEO Trinity NE0_Trinity (Twitch) @NE0_Trinity - TRINITY✨Neo Cyber Vtuber 61 / Apr 2020
Nishida Ao Portrait
Nishida Ao (西田あお) ENG / FR / JPN Ao Nishida Channel N/A N/A 25 / Sep 2018 Part of the Yunoki Set, retired
Okachimachi Ciory Portrait
Okachimachi Ciory (御徒町紫織) JPN Ciory Ch. - 御徒町紫織 N/A @Ciory_1992 - 御徒町紫織 💜人妻VTuber 50 / Feb 2019
Omori Kira
Omori Kira ENG Kira Omori N/A @vtuber_OmoKi - Omori Kira 🍑 ENVtuber 18 / Apr 2020
PMan-kun Portrait
PMan-kun (ピーマンくん) JPN ピーマンくん N/A @Pvtuber - ピーマンくん@P面系vtuber 1860 / Jul 2018 VTuber endorsed by .LIVE
Rubii ENG Rubii Virtual N/A @RubiiVirtual - Rubii🍓Virtual👹 40 / Apr 2020
Sakurairo Portrait
Sakura Iro (桜色) ENG / FR / JPN N/A N/A N/A N/A / Mar 2019 Part of the Yunoki Set, retired
Shuten Right (酒呑らい) JPN 酒呑らい N/A @shuten_right 968 / June 2020
Sky Nanase profile pic
Sky Nanase FR Sky Nanase N/A @SkyNanaseVTuber 211 / August 2020
Tsukino Lunette ENG / JPN Karin Channel N/A N/A 15 / July 2019
Virtual AV Actress Karin Portrait
Virtual AV Actress Karin (バーチャルAV女優Karin) JPN Karin Channel N/A @vxtuberkarin - バーチャルAV女優Karin 1392 / Feb 2019 Self-proclaimed first Virtual AV actress, she does streams for mature audiences on FC2
Yotsuba Hana
Yotsuba Hana ENG Yotsuba Hana YotsubaHana ( Twitch) @yotsuba_hana - Yotsuba Hana🌸🍀🌸 38 / Apr 2020
YuiF-022 Portrait
YUI F-022 (ユイF-022) JPN YUI F-022 N/A @F022Yui - ユイF-022 🍊@新人VTuber整備中 445 / Feb 2019
Yumeiro Pipi Portrait
Yumeiro Pipi (夢色ぴぴ) JPN 夢色ぴぴ N/A @yumeiropipi - 夢色ぴぴ 🌙 💜Vtuber 217 / Dec 2018
Yuni Luna
Yuni Luna ENG Yuni Luna - Anime VTuber YuniLuna (Twitch) @YuniLuna_vtuber

- Yuni Luna | EN VTuber

98 / Apr 2020
Yunoki Portrait
Itosugi Yunoki (糸杉ユノキ) ENG / FR / JPN YunokiRoom プリキュア みゆふ @VtuberYunoki - 糸杉ユノキ(Yunoki Itosugi)@MMO系VTuber 228 (YouTube) 9 (Nico) / Jun 2020 Part of the Yunoki Set.
Ram channel
Ram Channel (らむちゃんねる。) JPN Ram Channel N/A @ramchannel777 - らむちゃんねる 480 / Mar 2019
Nicomi Futagawa Profile
Nicomi Futagawa (二川ニコミ) JPN 二川ニコミ N/A @22co3 - 二川ニコミ 1260 / June 2020

Minor Virtual Groups

Image Name (Eng + orig) Lang(s) YouTube NicoNico / Twitch / TikTok Twitter Subs/date Group Members / Notes / Other
Kawasaki Sisters Portrait
Kawasaki Sisters ENG / FR / JPN NaoYuki Channel N/A N/A 23 / Aug 2018 Kawasaki Naoko (川崎なお子) and Kawasaki Yukino (川崎雪乃). Part of the Yunoki Set.
SatsuMai Icon
SatsuMai (さつ☆まい) JPN SatsuMai Channel N/A @SatsuMai_chan - さつまいVirtual A.I.DOL 1800 / Feb 2019 Beniimo Satsuma and Jyurokkoku Maiko
Maru and Mamu
MaruMamu-chan Couple VTuber(まるまむちゃんねる夫婦VTuber) JPN まるまむちゃんねる夫婦VTuber N/A @oekakimamtaso - まむママ
@maru_nekoV - まる
316 / Sept 2018 Maru (the cat) and Mamu-chan
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