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This page lists small and unofficial Virtual YouTuber groups and collaborations.

Four Heavenly Kings

Four Heavenly Kings.jpg

The Four Heavenly Kings (四天王 shitennou) is an informal umbrella term coined by Japanese fans of virtual youtubers meant to associate the at the time four VTubers with the biggest amount of subscribers on YouTube (at the end of 2017): Kizuna AI, Kaguya Luna, Mirai Akari and Nojaloli.

Because of the subscribers gap between AI and the rest of the Heavenly Kings, she is now above that category and is called the Boss (親分 Oyabun, a term coined by Kaguya Luna). This allowed Siro to be included as part of the Four Heavenly Kings.

The term is derived from Buddhist mythology. The Four Heavenly Kings are deities – each of whom watching over one cardinal direction of the world.

Though the VTuber world has greatly grown and changed since this term was coined, with some notable things being the rise in popularity of various other VTubers and companies, Nojaloli's inactivity from July 2018 to October 2019, the formation of Kizuna AI株式会社, and Kaguya Luna's inactivity since August 2020, it has not been updated with a new definition.

Tenmakinin and ver.G

TenmakininG by RedAkanekoCat .png

The Tenmakinin (天魔機忍) is likely the first Virtual YouTuber group in existence. Gorilla was added later and it became Tenmakinin ver. G (天魔機忍ver.G) . After Kurumi's disappearance the remaining members reduced their group's activities.

On 30 December 2018, as a surprise feature to the watchers of the V Kōhaku Uta Gassen, the Tenmakinin ver G. made an special apparition in a form of a video singing a rendition of Ryoichi Higuchi's Roku Bun No Ichi No Yumetabi Bito Ni Sen Ni (1/6の夢旅人2002) [1] This is the first time ever that Kurumi and Virtual Gorilla had interacted with each other, the first time all of them appear with their updated 3D models and the first time the five members of the Tenmakinin ver. G do an apparition together.

Kurumi resumed activities on 08 May 2022 and her comeback broadcasting was a twitter space co-hosted with Akkun. On 18 May 2022, she did a collab playing APEX LEGENDS with Inui and Gorilla and they used the moniker TenNinG (天忍G)

Kanji Stands for (Meaning) Character
天 (ten) tenshi (angel) Zettai Tenshi Kurumi-chan
魔 (ma) maou (devil) Akkun, The Demon King
機 (ki) machine VT-212
忍 (nin) ninja Inui Shinichiro
(ver. G) gorilla Virtual Gorilla

JK Gumi

Nijisanji - JKGumi.png

The JK Gumi (JK組), an abbreviation of joshikousei gumi (女子高生組), that means high school girls gang, is a trio composed of the top three Nijisanji girls, which share in common that all their characters are high school students:

Virtual Real

Virtual Real wearing the school uniforms from Neon Genesis Evangelion (Clockwise from bottom: Hinata, Mito, Akari, Siro, Hime and Hina)

Not to be confused with NIJISANJI's VirtuaReal or the VirtuaREAL.00 event.

The Virtual Real (バーチャルリアル baacharu riaru) is a group of six virtual youtubers who are the main characters of Lide's animated series Virtual-san wa Miteiru:


Medicaltet or MediQuartet (メディカルテット medikarutetto) includes the 4 nurses:

Sometimes Kasukabe Tsukushi is also included.


The BANs.jpg

BANs are an unofficial and ever-changing group composed of VYs who have been — or are very likely to be — banned from YouTube or other platforms for their activities, mostly due to copyright infringement or lewd material/behaviour. Bitou Kaiji, the VY himself being a copy of the name/persona of a popular manga character, was the leader/creator.

On March 2019 they centralized activities on Twitter with the opening of their official account @BANsVtuber

Current Members

Former Members

Art featuring a variety of the BANs on Twitter.

Chirun0z Ch. (formerly YunokiRoom and Yunoki Set)

Sakurairo's portrait

Chirun0z Ch. is one of the first "minor virtual groups" documented on The Virtual YouTuber Wiki. As a VTuber group, YunokiRoom was formed in August 2018; related pages were added to this wiki in the same period, presumably by the group's founders and community members. On Fandom, the group had its own community over at the YunokiRoom Wiki.

Yunoki Set was dissolved on 11 December 2019 according to an video made by TsukaimaZunko, the character designer of the four characters under the aliases of Chirun0z and Yunoki Space (now Satellite Gaming), and three members including the leader retired.

Unlike many other VTubers debuted 2018 and recorded on this wiki, Yunoki Set members used static avatars, and their videos are mostly in the form of a storyboard, similar to Beilene's content.

List of members


A collaboration between Nijisanji and Hololive. It's an abbreviation of the last names of the respective members with the exception of Aqua, whose first name is used instead.

List of members


Four members of UniVirtuals with Dela: (From left to right) Natsumi Moe, Kimino Miya and Kokon, Tia Sunshine, and Rin Asobi

This group is the brainchild of Kimino Miya, who wanted to create a network club of international vtubers, with the main goal of facilitating their exposure to Japanese and non-Japanese audiences. In her livestream of 21 August 2019, she explained her idea of an umbrella group for overseas vtubers and launched a call for members. The interested vtubers just had to respond to her on Twitter with the hashtag #UniVirtuals to be part of the group.[2].

Notable members

Several vtubers from around the globe accepted Miya's invitation, some of the most well known members of UniVirtuals apart from Miya are:

SAI Group and ASA Group

The SAI Group (SAI組) appears in the Apex collaboration of 3 Virtual YouTubers.

In March 2020, Iwano Ina retired; the group lost its namesake. On 8 August 2020, a new Apex team called ASA Group (ASA組) was formed, with Amatsuka Emu (天使エム), Sakura Saki and Icho Akiho being the members.

Seven Deadly Sins


VRAID (formerly known as VR Baka) is a german group of friends