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Lize Helesta (リゼ・ヘルエスタ) is a female Japanese Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI. She is the second princess of the Helesta kingdom. She debuted along with Ange Katrina and Inui Toko, forming the trio known as "Sanbaka" (さんばか).

Introduction Video



Lize's introduction.


According to her profile, she is a "Passionate princess excels in both literary and military arts". She also treasures her relationship with other people and easily moved to tears, especially by goodbyes. She maintains a Seisho (prim and proper) image but often breaks into a more playful self especially during collab or when playing competitive games. She is actually an introvert and dislikes crowd, finding summer festivals and Halloween festivals to be scary. Inui Toko describes her as kind, earnest and honest and Ange Katrina describes her as trustworthy and reliable. [1]



Lize Helesta debuted together with Ange Katrina and Inui Toko as part of the Sanbaka group on 23 March. She and the rest of Sanbaka received updated models on the 18th of October the same year.

She received her summer outfit model on 20 August and her 50,000 subscriber dress outfit on 4 December 2019.


On 22 January Lize unveiled her official 3D model via YouTube livestream.

On 5 April Lize begins a regular radio show with Suzuhara Lulu, にじさんじ presents リゼるる Listen, on national broadcast produced by A&G every Sunday on 8 PM JST.

On 19 May Lize begins a regular Niconico Namahousou with seiyuu Hana Tamegai, who is known for voicing Risa Matoba from Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls, titled 集貝はなとリゼ・ヘルエスタの『皇女にタメでもいいですか!?』 or shortened ためリゼ. The first stream aired on 22 May 2020.

On 25 May Lize released her solo image song, ハッピーエンドをはじめから (Happy Endo wo Hajime Kara--Beginning A Happy End), composed by TOKOTOKO (NishizawasanP).


On 16 April, Lize reached 500,000 YouTube subscribers, making her the 7th NIJISANJI member to reach this milestone, and the 1st of her wave to do so.

On 10 December, Lize reached 600,000 YouTube subscribers.


  • Lize was scheduled to perform at the Zepp DiverCity Tokyo venue on 5 March 2020 as part of the concert tour NIJISANJI JAPAN TOUR 2020 Shout in the Rainbow!, but unfortunately, the live event had to be canceled due to the dangerous climate surrounding the SARS-CoV2 pandemic (COVID-19).[2]


  • Color: #42FFFF [3]
  • Her stream waiting chat greetings is "Helestandby "(ヘルエスタンバイ). Her streaming greeting used to be "Haloesta" (ハロエスタ) upon starting but was scrapped and replaced with "Good day^^" (こんにちは^^). Her goodbye greeting is "Otsuesta" (おつエスタ). Her fanname is Helesta Oukokumin (ヘルエスタ王国民) which means Helestans or Helesta Kingdom nationals.
  • A running gag among both other NIJISANJI members and Lize's fans is that the Helesta Kingdom is actually the Shizuoka Prefecture.
  • She calls Ange as her best friend and childhood friend and has known each other for 10 years. [4] Lize and Ange have lived together in the same room for a week for LizeAn Week project. The playlist is available in Ange's channel. Lize and Ange took a purikura (photobox picture) years prior and the said purikura is kept in Lize's wallet all the time.
  • The chick that accompanies her is her butler, Sebastian Piyodore. The nickname of said chick is "Sebas." Sebas is a part of NIJISANJI Mascot group, a group lead by Yumeoi Kakeru's mascot Johny.
  • Her batch group name Sanbaka is written in hiragana さんばか. Although it translates to "3 idiots" or "3 stooges", it does not refer to 3 Idiots and is an abbreviation of "Sanba Carnival". [5] This name originates from a relay project for their debut streams which was making a song by only their voices. The same song was then reused during the three's 2.0 update relay stream to make a parody of Exile's Choochoo Train movement. The resulting video was titled gomi_douga.mp4 (which means trash_video.mp4).[6] The three also attempted to reenact the Choochoo Train dance along with the gomi song in their 3D form during Sanbaka Debut 1st Anniversary.
  • Their group song 3倍! Sun Shine! カーニバル! (3bai! Sun Shine! Carnival!) in Smash the Paint!! album also refer to their group name Sanba Carnival.
  • Lize forms unit with several other NIJISANJI Livers. She forms LizeAn with Ange Katrina, HiyokoPantsu with Sasaki Saku, PanKouJou with Sasaki Saku and Uzuki Kou, and Strangers (他人)with Hanabatake Chaika, Yashiro Kizuku, and Makaino Ririmu.
  • Lize is the guitarist of Ever Green Nerd (EgN), a band with other NIJISANJI members Uzuki Kou (vocal), Sasaki Saku (bass), Makaino Ririmu (guitar), and Yashiro Kizuku (drum).
  • Lize is the 4th child of 5 siblings. She has 2 older brothers, one older sister, and a younger brother. She is very close to her younger brother, the Third Prince. Lize received a potted plant from the Third Prince who bought it for her by saving his pocket money and she keeps a very good care of it.
  • Lize's older sister, the First Princess, is good in design and designed Lize's background image [7], Lize's 3D Stream thumbnail, Lize's Tshirt design for Ichikara Booth sales, Ange's 3D Stream thumbnail, as well as helped with Lize's opening scene for her stream beginning from 20 February 2020 [8]. Unlike her older sister, Lize's artistic sense is almost non-existent, as shown in her drawing stream featuring her sister [9].
  • Lize has phobia on being underwater and dislikes the sea in general because during her childhood the First Prince often tugged her foot until she submerged underwater with the Second Prince singing JAWS theme nearby.
  • In later 2019, Lize moved to Tokyo following Ange's request. She was originally not allowed to move away from Helesta, but was allowed by her mother after her mother heard Ange also moved, as long as Lize lives close enough from where Ange does. [10] Ange said now in Virtual Tokyo they live close enough to easily go out to eat together anytime.
  • Lize owns a cat lioness she named Jill, after Resident Evil's Jill Valentine. When she moved to Virtual Tokyo from Helesta, Jill moves with her.
  • Lize is easily moved to tears. She cried when remembering saying goodbye to Toko after their Amazon stream [11], at the end of LizeAn week [12], when she had to part with Ange in an event years before their Vtuber debut [13], and multiple times during Mother 2 playthrough [14].
  • She has once been called "Konnichiwa-chan" because she said nothing in an online game other than "Konnichiwa" every time she plays. [15] She is also nicknamed "That Metallica Guy" for suggesting to play Metallica on headset in full volume as a means of "finding friends through the same hobby" during Tenkai Tsukasa's つかラジ radio talk.
  • She plays IdolM@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage and is Ichinose Shiki P.[16] Her younger brother, the Third Prince supervises her spending on said game because of her bad gacha habit.
  • She is a big fan of Tsukino Mito and auditioned into NIJISANJI because of her. [17]
  • Lize is a big Pokemon fan. Her favorite Pokemon is Umbreon.
  • Lize is notably literate in the areas of law and civics. While streaming she's been able to recall and recite specifics pertaining to Inheritance Laws, Tax Laws, Financing Laws, Labor Laws, Insurance Laws and other topics that indicate an impressive understanding of modern Japanese legal processes.
  • Hanabatake Chaika often impersonates her, calling himself "The first second and third princess" [18]. In return, Lize impersonates Chaika impersonating her, especially phrases such as "You Fools" (たわけがーTawakega) or "Your head is in the cloud" (頭が高ーZugataka). She made meme pictures of the phrases in her 3D streams.

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