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Lumi is a female English VTuber based out of Finland and created by Merryweather Comics. She is independently produced and not currently associated with any Twitch Teams. She engages in a variety of streaming content between YouTube and Twitch including, but not limited to, just chatting, singing and gaming.

Introduction video


-VTuber- Wolf Girl From Finland Talks To You! 💙🐺

Lumi's introduction.


Lumi is a very playful and upbeat streamer who, while wholesome, does not shy away from wreaking havoc. She is known in particular for ending many sentences in the cutest "Awoo" this author has ever heard.


Lumi is a white wolfgirl with long white hair, wolf ears, and a fluffy tail. She has ice blue eyes and a white and blue ensemble that reflect her Finnish origin. She is most commonly seen wearing a white long sleeved button down blouse, a blue bow, a dark blue waistcoat, a light blue skirt, white thigh high socks and blue shoes.


She was first introduced on July 8, 2020 with a 2D model, but her first debut stream was on the August 14, 2020 on Youtube.

She later re-debuted with her 3D model by Yoolies on October 3, 2020.


Lumi is particularly close with her cousin and fellow VTuber Merryweather, who she frequently collaborates with. The only other collaboration Lumi has done so far was with BungoTaiga on November 29, 2020.


Lumi's fans can be found on the Discord server she shares with Merryweather, the Men of Culture.


  • Despite being Finnish, Lumi is not heard speaking Finnish often, in favor of English. Her debut video features some Finnish, and Lumi Sings SÄKKIJÄRVEN POLKKA! | Eurobeat Remix VTuber Cover is sung entirely in Finnish.
  • Lumi utilized the Merryweather Comics' YouTube channel for a majority of her content, but has recently Created her own channel on October 12th 2020, and goes by the name of Lumituber.
  • Lumi gets angry whenever she is around bears because she hates them.
  • Lumi loves headpats.
  • "Lumi" is Finnish for "snow".
  • Lumi used to be an avid World of Warcraft player, where she and Merry met in a roleplaying server back in the early days of the game.

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