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Lunaria Ayaren, often shortened as Lunaria, is a is a female Spanish/English-speaking Virtual YouTuber from Chile[1] who debuted on 16 May 2019. Since 19 October 2020, her content is mostly Spanish focused.


Lunaria's humor rotates around saying things with double meaning and swearing like a sailor, she's very hyperactive during streams and enjoys to banter with her chat. Her laugh is also very peculiar.


Lunaria's current appearance takes inspiration from early 2000's punk fashion. Her hair is a pair of long hot pink pigtails with brown tiger stripes that turns into a light yellow at the tips, it's spiky and a bit messy. Her bangs also have tiger stripes on them and one stripe in particular on her bangs is shaped like a heart. Lunaria's eyes are hot pink and they've got long cat-like pupils with heart-shaped highlights. She wears a tight sleeveless turtle-neck pink & lavender shirt and a plaid hot pink skirt. She has a pair of lion-esque ears and a lion tail with tiger stripes. Lunaria also has small bat wings attached to her ankles.


  • Attended FestiAnime in 10 August 2019 with virtual youtuber Hanachi.
  • Attended BxPro in November 26th 2021, being interviewed by streamer Pancha Sky.



  • According to her, Lunaria is a being from a virtual dimension that blacked out at a party after drinking too much and after waking up she found herself inside a "JUNAEB" PC (Cheap goverment-provided computers given to students). She streams to be able to move out to a better computer that can support her well.
  • Lunaria has stated that she doesn't find her lore relevant, and doesn't explain it when asked.


Lunaria is a virtual being and, just like a file, she's got different "versions" of herself. Each change of models represents a "patch" on her appeareance.

  • Pre-Alpha Lunaria (0.0): Better known as "La Seiso" or "Lunya" as she likes to call herself. It's tecnically Lunaria's first unofficial model and was used from May 16th 2019 to August 15th 2019. This Lunaria version lives trapped in the 2016 era of idol-esque VTubers, is incredibly family friendly and somewhat violent. Pre-Alpha Lunaria is the only Lunaria version that has a separate concious from Lunaria and seems to despise her current version quite a bit, calling her names and insulting her when possible. Pre-Alpha Lunaria loves classical music, strawberries and collects knives. Her favorite song is Swan Lake by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Lunya also has a twitch channel of her own which is mostly inactive or used for tests and english streams. This design had only one patch, Patch 0.0.1.
  • Lunaria Alpha (0.1): Lunaria's first official design, used from August 16th 2019 to October 18th 2020. This design consisted of her wearing a white shirt with pink strawberries and a pink plaid skirt. This version was used mostly for her old planned youtube videos. IT also had two patches, Patch 0.1.1 and Patch 0.1.2.
  • Lunaria Beta (0.5): Lunaria's second official design, used from October 10th 2020 to December 2nd 2021. This design consisted in mostly pink, red and black and has been described as a "dark corruption" of the previous design. In this version Lunaria started to focus on streaming rather than creating YouTube videos, she also switched to making content in spanish and stopped faking her voice. This design had only one main patch, Patch 0.5.1. and multiple alternate outfit patches.
  • Lunaria Stable (1.0): Lunaria's third official design, first stable release and current version, used from December 3rd 2021 to the present day. In this version, Lunaria is now a more mature punk chimera and looks more like a lion girl than a cat girl. This is the first version where the design isn't completely made by Lunaria herself, the main character artist being Modathan. The current patch of this model is Patch 1.0.0.


  • She doesnt consider her Pre-Alpha model an official design.
    • This is because that model was originally meant to be just a frankensteined VRChat avatar and wasn meant to be for personal use only. She changed models quickly to be able to monetize her VTubing content.
  • Her fans are called either "Lunatics" or "Lunaticats".
    • The name coming from her comment "Only a lunatic would enjoy watching my streams".
  • Her friends constantly make fun of her very short height.
    • She's stated that she enjoys this.
  • Has a fondness for MMORPG games and first person shooters.
  • Lunaria strongly believes that there is no difference between VTubers and typical content creators, and they shouldn't be treated different at all.
  • She is known to sometimes meow like a real cat. This also includes angry cat noises and hissing.
  • Lunaria has professionally diagnosed Dysthymia.
  • She is childhood friends with Haruka Karibu, though they don't seem to make content together anymore.
  • She's disclosed that she focuses mostly on Spanish streaming nowdays, but wishes to do streams in english again every now and then.

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