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Lunaria Ayaren is a is a female Spanish/English-speaking Virtual YouTuber from Chile[1] who debuted on 16 May 2019. Since 19 October 2020, her content is mostly Spanish focused.

Introduction Video


Hola! Bienvenidos a mi canal!【Youtuber Virtual】

Lunaria's introduction.


Lunaria is a virtual being who was accidentally downloaded and installed into a human's computer by accident via a bundle installer. Her main goal is to makek videos and money to move out into a computer that can run her properly.

Lunaria has a very dry and self deprecating sense of humor. As well as a pretty dirty mouth and a slightly sadistic attitude at times. (Though it's all good nature and seemingly doesn't mean any real harm.)


Lunaria's current appearance is mostly based off pink, black and red. Her design is heavily based off emo and scene fasion from the early 2000's. Her hair is a bubblegum pink color with blood red tips, it's tied up in two thick pigtails and it's very spiky and a bit messy, it finishes with a small heart-shaped ahoge at the top of her head. Lunaria's eyes are red and they've got long cat-like pupils with heart-shaped highlights. Lunaria has quite the voluptuous body and is not afraid to use it. She has small bat wings attached to her ankles which are a part of her body and not her shoes.


Full name: Lunaria K. Ayaren.
Gender: Female.
Species: Feline Demi-Human. (?)
Age: 2½ years old.
Height: 140 cms.
Origin: A parallel virtual dimension.
Current Residence: Chile.
Likes: Raw Salmon.
Dislikes: Vegetables.




  • She went through a 3d model change in 17 August 2019. For reasons not yet disclosed.
  • Released a newer model and a complete rebrand of the character on October 19th, 2020.
  • Despises the sight of human feet.
  • According to her Q&A video, she's pansexual.
  • Lunaria is very into fashion, specially brands which are focused in "Kawaii" fashion and Gothic fashion.
  • Has a fondness for social games, such as World of Warcraft, OldSchool Runescape and VRChat.
  • She is childhood friends with Haruka Karibu, though they don't seem to make content together anymore.
  • She is known to sometimes meow like a real cat.
  • She's disclosed that she's mostly disconnected with the English vtuber community due to personal problems and nowadays mostly focuses on Spanish vtubing.

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