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Lyrica (リリカ) or Eine Lyrica (永音リリカ) was a female Filipino/English independent virtual YouTuber. Currently living in Canada after retiring from being the 77th generation Mahou Shoujo, she is a retired magical girl who has become a VTuber.

Introduction Video


Lyrica’s first video 🌸 「Self Introduction」 Vtuber

Lyrica's introduction.


Due to her age and her fans, Lyrica calls herself a "Lola", the Filipino word for grandmother. She is really wholesome deep down although she may accidentally swear at times. Her swears are legendary, possessing potent amount of "crisp", as Filipinos describe it.

She has a bubbly and cheerful attitude, laughs often, and is adorable. She says in her introduction video that she plays mobile games often but is not good at them. In turn, she went to VTubing as a way for fans to help her.

She has gotten close to her fans in such a short time, and doesn't want to lose them.



She made her YouTube account on 3 June 2020, and her Twitter account was created on the same month. Her introduction video was uploaded 1 day later on 4 June.[1]


On 29 June, she announced the name of the fanbase on a YouTube stream; the fanbase was officially called "Sinigang".[2]

On 8 July, she had her first major collab, in which she played a game with Moona.[3]

On 8 September, she had a major collab, playing Left 4 Dead 2 with hololiveID VTubers Moona, Risu and Iofi.

On 19 October, she had her 30k Celebration Stream and has finally opened her Youtube Membership.[4]


She reached 69,420 subscribers in Youtube on May 31, 2021. [5]

This was soon followed by another milestone 69,696 subscribers in Youtube on June 1, 2021. But before it was achieved, the KDBRS (formerly SiniGangs) trolled her in a countdown stream, as expected. [6]

On the 21st of August, right after releasing her cover of Goodbye Sengen, she held a stream to announce that she would be graduating from all VTuber activities the next month[7]. Over the course of the next 2 weeks, she streamed almost daily with one week dedicated to collaborations with her VTubing friends such as Liliana Vampaia of MyHolo TV, HoloID Gen 1, Amano Pikamee of Vox Monsters Project, the KGR family and her friends from the PH and Western indie VTubing scenes. The latter week was dedicated to her community, where she held community-favorite activities such as karaoke,, Discord watchalongs and an explosive send-off to her and her community's Minecraft server.

During her UNO collaboration stream with HoloID, she reached a milestone of 100,000 YouTube subscribers, which was one of her goals she wanted to achieve before graduating.[8]

She held her Twitch graduation on August 29 and on September 4, Lyrica held her final graduation stream on her YouTube channel. After the stream, she released her last cover song with Ako, POLARIS. She capped off her VTubing career with a 12-hour Discord server event, ending with the deletion of her server.


On 25 July 2020, she and her friend Shannon did a lore reveal stream[9] in which they explained Lyrica's backstory.

In the beginning, everyone was an orphan, and Leah took care of them one-by-one. One day, an SSS rank nightmare attacked the kids while everyone was playing in the forest. To protect the kids, Leah used magic at the expense of her life-span; she died alongside the nightmare.

The kids were surprised by the magic because only mahou shoujos can use it. Now that Leah died, Castiel, the eldest orphan, became responsible for the others, but it didn't go as planned. Due to his attachment to Leah, Castiel became depressed and started obsessing over dark magic in an attempt to revive people.

Justus and Xiao were the youngest, so they were pressured to join Castiel. They became his underlings, helping him with dark magic.

Meanwhile, Rinku, Shannon, and Lyrica decided to become mahou shoujos in order to be more like Leah after finding out her identity. They went to the Mahou Shoujo society and asked the mages for training.

After graduating from magic school, Rinku, Shannon, and Lyrica became part of the 77th gen. Sadly, due to a declining population, there aren't many mahou shoujos left. Now they have gone out to purify the nightmares.

Rinku died after a failed attack on Justus, sacrificing herself to save Lyrica and Shannon.


She calls her fans SiniGang, a pun based on her making videos about the Filipino dish, Sinigang. Apparently she takes their "asim" to stay young.

The SiniGANG lived together in harmony and peace. But all that changed when the Kadabar arrived on the eve of the 28th of May, year 2021. They overthrew the current peace that the SiniGANG enjoyed for almost a year and renamed the fanbase to Kadabar. They also proclaimed Lyrica as their KWEEN KADABAR.

It was a grim reminder on that day, the SiniGANG is no more. LONG LIVE KADABARS.

On 31 May 2021, she accepted the name Kadabar as the new fan name but have it modified to KDBRS.[10]


  • She has a familiar that turned evil and became a nightmare.[11]
  • She thinks she is cute.
  • Loves flowers and the color pink.
  • She is prone to motion sickness.[12]
  • Her inspiration for becoming a VTuber is Harune and Suisei.[12]
  • It is confirmed that she has tentacle breasts that sprout from her back with a cup size of ZZZ.[13]
  • She finds lying/sleeping in her own urine to be "hot".[13]
  • She is both a sadist and a masochist.[13]
  • She has a Google Doc file of her marriage contract.[13]
  • Managed to dominate Domo on his own interview stream, These acts of domination include but are not limited to:[14]
    • Making Domo cry
    • Screaming on Domo's Transition
    • Making Domo Back out of his own marriage proposal
  • She is quite active in charity works as she donated a lot to the Philippine Red Cross[14] and held a 12-hour charity stream for the victims of the Typhoon Ulysses.[15] She held another charity stream for [1]Childhope on August 14 where she played on her Minecraft server with her community and every superchat received during the stream spawned a mob for each player. She also dedicated her keychain merchandise's earnings to Teach for the Philippines.
  • Lyrica shares her character designer with Mint Fantôme.
  • She had plans to re-debut with a Live2D 2.0 complete with a new BGM and original songs, which unfortunately couldn't go through due to her graduation.

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