Magical Doll (まじかるどーる Majikaru Douru) is a group of female Japanese Virtual YouTubers that created their channel on 17 January 2018 and started activities on March 8, 2018. They are small animated dolls/figurines named Miyabi Matsuri (雅まつり) and Miyabi Yukiha (雅雪巴). On 13 June 2018, a new doll named Miyabi Sakura (雅さくら) was added. The final lineup was formed with the addition of Miyabi Kureha (雅紅羽) on 14 July 2018 and Miyabi Ichika (雅市華) on 24 August 2018 respectively.

Unlike the rest of the Virtual YouTubers, Magical Doll joined the Japanese multi-channel network UUUM on July 25 2018. UUUM is an agency dedicated to promote conventional YouTubers (with no avatars whatsoever) and the Magical Doll are the first Virtual YouTubers to be endorsed by them and not by an exclusive VTuber agency.


The Magical Doll are tiny figurines that live in a Antique Shop who can move and talk thanks to Magic. Each one costs 198,000 JPY (around US $1807) and can stand on the palm of a hand. They are devoted to make happy their owner or Master (マスターさん masutaa-san, re-written as まスターさん).


Name Japanese Portrait
Miyabi Matsuri 雅まつり
Magical Doll - Matsuri
Miyabi Yukiha 雅雪巴
Magical Doll - Yukiha
Miyabi Sakura 雅さくら
Magical Doll - Sakura
Miyabi Kureha 雅紅羽
Magical Doll - Kureha
Miyabi Ichika 雅市華
Magical Doll - Ichika

Introduction Videos



Matsuri's introduction.


Yukiha's introduction.
【自己紹介】みんなの妹!雅さくらです!!【バーチャルフィギュアYouTuber】 3 MARKER CHALLENGE

【自己紹介】みんなの妹!雅さくらです!!【バーチャルフィギュアYouTuber】 3 MARKER CHALLENGE

Sakura's introduction.
【自己紹介】はじめまして、雅 紅羽です!【バーチャルフィギュアYouTuber】

【自己紹介】はじめまして、雅 紅羽です!【バーチャルフィギュアYouTuber】

Kureha's introduction.
【自己紹介】はじめまして、雅 市華です(みやび いちか)です。【バーチャルフィギュアYouTuber】

【自己紹介】はじめまして、雅 市華です(みやび いちか)です。【バーチャルフィギュアYouTuber】

Ichika's introduction.



  • All of them share the surname Miyabi (雅; elegance) because they are all sisters.
  • Originally the first two Magical Doll only have one Twitter account and it was the official account for the whole project. Eventually each one was given their own account and the first account is now managed by Matsuri.
  • Currently, the Magical Doll is inactive with all of the member taking a break from activity.

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