Magura Ene (万楽えね) is a female Japanese Virtual Youtuber that features an exaggeratedly explicit character design and personality. She seems to be an amateur, single-person project.

Introduction Video



  Ene's introduction.



Her Twitter account and YouTube channel was created on 15 February 2018 before starting activities on her channel on the next day. She uploaded her introduction video on 18 February.

In early February 2019, her channel has been monetized.[1]

On 21 April, she announced that her voice actress has married KANZUME, an illustrator, on 26 March after 10 years of being in a relationship.[2][3]


  • It was reported that Youtube put a temporary block on new videos due to the explicit content in the previous ones.
  • Japanese internet users who tracked down Ene's female creator found many older online accounts that contained diary entries and comments that suggested that that woman had a difficult life and faced many issues with her mental health. Fortunately, recent entries imply that she has made progress in those regards.
  • In late July 2018 she began working on a new maid-type design.
  • On 26 Nov 2018, she revealed on Twitter that she has been diagnosed with diabetes [1].

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