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Mana Renewal (formerly known as Earth Chan) is a female Russian Virtual YouTuber.

Introduction Video


Дебютный стрим - MANA RENEWAL

Mana's introduction.


In her first video as Mana she told a part of her history: 4,5 billions years ago there was a advanced human civilization, that actively used natural resources. Mana at that time was the on of the protesters, who campaigned to preserve the Earth. This is the reason why she was calling herself Earth-Chan at first.


Mana Renewal is a human born 4,5 billion years ago. She is very kind and polite and she likes cats.



On 18 November, she published her first cover song called "Trava u doma".

On 29 November, Earth Chan got a new 3D model design and changed her name to Mana Renewal.[1]


On 15 January, Indonesian Virtual YouTuber Moona Hoshinova briefly appeared in Mana's Minecraft stream.

On 23 January, she did a collaboration stream with an Indonesian Virtual YouTuber Moona Hoshinova of Hololive.


On 2 February, she debuted her 2D model.[2]


  • Most of her videos contain English subtitles.
  • When asked "Why is there so rarely a video," Mana replied: "I am not an artificial intelligence and the channel on YouTube is my hobby, not my work."
  • She is making videos about vtuber-community since 23 September 2020.
  • Mana likes rock genre music since her childhood.
  • She watched a lot of RYTP (Russian Youtube Poop).
  • She works as a designer IRL.
  • She likes to listen mashup music.
  • She hiccups very often, what has become a meme among her subscribers.
  • She likes Gachimuchi remixes of different songs. Sometime she even sang it.
  • She isn't aftraid of kinky jokes. For example she showed an ahegao face and performed Ricardo Milos' dance for FlynnFlyTaggart's VTubers review.

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