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Maya Putri (マヤ・プトゥリ, lit. Virtual Princess) is a female Indonesian Virtual YouTuber who dreams of becoming a singer[1]. She is one of the earliest VTubers in Indonesia.

Introduction Video


Halo, nama saya Maya Putri

Maya's introduction


Maya seems to be a timid girl with courteous manner of speech which is the girl stereotype of Solo, her hometown. She likes singing and retro games, but she also likes sleeping. Maya also dreams to become a "big" figure with thousands of friends.[2]


Maya has black long hair partially covered by her red bandana. She ties her bandana with a knot behind her head. Her attire consists of a short dress with partial double skirt, detached sleeves, black thigh-high stocking, and a pair of high heels. Her dominant color scheme is red and white which is the reminiscent of national flag of Indonesia. There are also some Batik patterns on her attire with the one on her white dress being the most obvious.


Indefinite Hiatus

On 7 June 2020, Maya Putri uploaded a short video announcing a break of her activities. She hoped to return when she might be "more mature" asked her audience to continue to support her.[3]


On 12 February 2022, after almost two years of silence, a surprise short video was uploaded on her channel[4] with a second short video appearing on 26 February.[5]

On 22 March 2022, Maya would upload another short video, explaining what she was up to during her hiatus and expressing her intent to return to content creation.[6]


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Nada Nada Cinta 19 September 2019    
  1. "Nada Nada Cinta"
MayaPutri - NadaNadaCinta.webp
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  • Maya participated in an exhibition event of Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Jakarta on 2 September 2018. She covered three songs during the event.
  • Maya participated in a live virtual event where she shared a stage with Shirakami Fubuki as the part of V-Ani 2019 back on 13 August 2019.


  • She mentioned that her name can be reverse spelled to "ayam" which means "chicken" in Indonesian.
  • She loves spicy foods.
  • She hates horror games.
  • She often puts some references from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, her favorite anime in her videos.

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