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Maya The Harpy is a female Canadian harpy Virtual Streamer who has been streaming since February 2021. Her main language is English, but she can fluently speak French as well, despite the lack of use during streams due to a lack of French audience. She is most known for streaming Digital Card Games, First Person Shooters and Platformers.


Her personality is rather intense and chaotic in nature, changing topics on a whim and remaining very loud during the majority of her gameplay. She's quick to focus on a game she's playing which results in her getting tilted rather quickly. Often, she'll pretend to be confident and arrogant however the opposite also seems true, possessing moments where she'll emotionally drop and worry about her public image.

Whilst generally friendly with those she interacts with, her meaner personality has also been seen during some of her streams. It's not rare to see her cry during emotional scenes in games, resulting in a few believing she's actually soft.


Maya has long purple hair often tied at the back of her head in a loose let ponytail that also covers one of her eyes. She has deep and at times swirly eyes and can be usually seen depicted with an off-shoulder sweater covering her hands, as well as a black shirt kept neat thanks to a red ribbon and heart shaped lock.


Maya is notably close to Zeri_Live and their romantic relationship is heavily implied during the duration of her streams.


Maya’s fans are not quite associated to one particular term, going from frequently calling them her minions or lovelies over twitter.


Bizarre Lore Facts

  • Maya is supposedly capable of licking her own elbow.
  • She supposedly caused her microwave to blow up at a young age thanks to the suggestion of fellow streamers at Misfit Mafia.

Likes and dislikes

  • Maya is notably addicted to content related to Horror, but is supposedly terrified of the actual matter within them.
  • She's not a big fan of single player games due to the loneliness it brings her.


  • Maya formerly went under the name "Maya The Oracle".
  • Maya is known to have previously been mute, relying on texts to communicate with the majority of her friends online.
  • Maya plays a considerable amount of tabletop games, and is a known fan of roleplaying.

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