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Min Suha (민수하) is a male Korean Virtual YouTuber part of Nijisanji's Korean branch, Nijisanji KR, debuting as part of its first wave along with Wiffy, Yu Ruri and Shin Yuya.

Introduction Video


【첫방송】안녕하세요! 【NIJISANJI KR|Suha】

Suha's introduction.


A quiet and gentle young man who loves songs and games. He has been exposed to subcultures since he was a child due to his parents' influence. He's an expert in many different genres, and will try anything interesting. He claims that he has a healing water attribute, but lately he has become confused by the various attributes he has.[1]




Suha's channel was created on 22 January, 2020 and made his YouTube debut on 25 January, 2020.


On 14 February, he released his first cover song, Kataomoi by Aimer.[2]


  • His fans are called "Suhaqua" (수하쿠아).


  • Color: #5BCFF [3]
  • He gets teased quite a lot by the other members, mostly by the female livers. Though, he is a huge troll and tease to them as well.
  • He has an unofficial female form called “Suhako” (수하코), which is an inside joke with viewers and most likely originated in his Hatoful Boyfriend dubbing stream collab with Shin Yuya, Yu Ruri, Han Chiho and Wiffy.[4] His viewers tease him about it every now and then, as he cringes every time it is mentioned.
  • He really likes butter cookies.[citation needed]
  • He had his house in Minecraft surrounded with a lot of bamboo, which was the work of Yuya. After finding out a few hours later, he then streamed himself clearing all the bamboo.[5]
  • He has a dog named Min (민) who lives with his parents.[6]

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